This section provides information on the function, composition, origins and other details of Australian Government bodies.

The bodies covered are described in the scope of bodies reported. The scope is based on the characteristics used to describe the 12 main types of bodies identified for classification purposes. The Portfolio departments are responsible for collecting information about the entities and bodies listed.

Quarterly Report

The dataset is updated continuously and the following statistics reflect the dataset as at 1 January 2022, the statistics are updated on a quarterly basis.  The Register reflects the 2021-22 Budget data for Total Appropriations, Departmental Expenses and the ASL numbers reported for Principal bodies that form part of the General Government Sector.

The total number of bodies reported by the Register as at 1 January 2022 is 1,305 bodies. This will reduce to 1,292 once all reductions previously announced by the Government* are implemented.

13 bodies that were ceased and/or consolidated by the Government have been removed from the Register and 17 bodies added to the Register since the last update as at 30 September 2021.

* Bodies that the Government has previously announced as ceasing or consolidating will remain on the Register until they have ceased operations or consolidation has occurred. Further information can be found on each individual body’s page on the Register (for example, see the “National Rural Advisory Council” page).

View a summary of the key statistics and the register movements of new and/or ceased bodies.

Access to further documentation

Find more information, including a spreadsheet of bodies and the guide to the register's fields on the Department of Finance website.

Find, access and reuse public data

Download datasets relating to the register from the website.

List of Australian Government bodies by portfolio and type

Agriculture, Water and the Environment
A. Principal
Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment
Australian Fisheries Management Authority
Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority
Bureau of Meteorology
Cotton Research and Development Corporation
Director of National Parks
Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
Grains Research and Development Corporation
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Murray-Darling Basin Authority
Regional Investment Corporation
Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (trading as AgriFutures Australia)
Sydney Harbour Federation Trust
Wine Australia
B. Secondary
Advisory Committee on Social, Economic and Environmental Sciences
Agricultural Finance Forum
Agriculture Ministers' Meeting
Agriculture Senior Officials Committee
Agriculture Senior Officials Committee - Agvet Chemicals Task Group
Agriculture Senior Officials Committee - Primary Industries Technical Market Access & Trade Development Task Group
Agvet Chemicals Regulatory Review Panel
Alligator Rivers Region Advisory Committee
Alligator Rivers Region Technical Committee
AMM Working Group on Drought
Animal Health Committee
Australia-Netherlands Committee on Old Dutch Shipwrecks
Australian Antarctic Science Council
Australian Fisheries Management Forum
Australian Heritage Council
Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority Advisory Board
Australian Plague Locust Commission
Australian World Heritage Advisory Committee
Basin Officials Committee
Basin Plan Implementation Committee
Basin Senior Officials Group
Bass Strait Central Zone Scallop Fishery Management Advisory Committee
Beef Industry Advisory Committee
Biosecurity Futures Group
Biosecurity Research Steering Committee
Booderee Board of Management
Bureau of Meteorology Jurisdictional Reference Group on Water Information
Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder
Commonwealth Environmental Water Office
Coral Sea Marine Park Advisory Committee
Cotton Research and Development Corporation Selection Committee
Dairy Export Industry Consultative Committee
Director of Biosecurity
Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hubs Advisory Committee
Environment and Invasives Committee
Export Meat Industry Advisory Committee
Export Wild Game Meat Industry Consultative Committee
Fisheries Research and Development Corporation Selection Committee
Food and Grocery Sector Group
Food Export Regulators Steering Committee
Forest and Wood Products Council
Forestry and Forest Products Committee
Future Drought Fund Consultative Committee
Grains Research and Development Corporation Selection Committee
Great Australian Bight Trawl Sector Management Advisory Committee
Halal Consultative Committee
Hazardous Waste Technical Group
Historic Shipwrecks Delegates Committee
Import Industry Finance Consultative Committee
Independent Expert Scientific Committee on Coal Seam Gas and Large Coal Mining Development
Indigenous Advisory Committee
Indigenous Reef Advisory Committee
Indonesia - Australia Partnership on Food Security in the Red Meat and Cattle Sector
Inspector-General of Biosecurity
Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports
Inspector-General of Water Compliance
Kakadu Board of Management
Lake Eyre Basin Community Advisory Committee
Lake Eyre Basin Scientific Advisory Panel
Land Sector Carbon and Biodiversity Board
Live Animal Export Finance Industry Consultative Committee
Local Marine Advisory Committees - Bowen-Burdekin
Local Marine Advisory Committees - Burnett
Local Marine Advisory Committees - Cairns
Local Marine Advisory Committees - Cape York
Local Marine Advisory Committees - Capricorn Coast
Local Marine Advisory Committees - Cassowary Coast
Local Marine Advisory Committees - Douglas
Local Marine Advisory Committees - Gladstone
Local Marine Advisory Committees - Hinchinbrook
Local Marine Advisory Committees - Mackay
Local Marine Advisory Committees - Townsville
Local Marine Advisory Committees - Whitsunday
Manufacturers' Licensing Scheme - Industry Liaison Committee
Marine Pest Sectoral Committee
Murray-Darling Basin Community Committee
Murray-Darling Basin Ministerial Council
National Biosecurity Committee
National Biosecurity Communication and Engagement Network
National Biosecurity Emergency Preparedness Expert Group
National Biosecurity Management Group
National Committee for Land Use and Management Information
National Committee on Soil and Terrain
National Environment Protection Council
National Fishing Advisory Council
National Forest Inventory Steering Committee
National Landcare Advisory Committee
National Management Group
National Recreational Fishing Council
National Rural Advisory Council
National Wildlife Corridors Committee
Natural Heritage Ministerial Board
North Marine Parks Network Advisory Committee
North-west Marine Parks Network Advisory Committee
Northern Prawn Fishery Management Advisory Committee
Northern Territory Fisheries Joint Authority
Office of the Threatened Species Commissioner
Plant Health Committee
Queensland Fisheries Joint Authority
Reef Integrated Monitoring and Reporting Program - Steering Group
Reef Water Quality Independent Science Panel
Reef Water Quality Protection Plan Partnership Committee
Registration Liaison Committee for the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority
Research, Development and Extension Governance Committee
River Murray Operations Committee
Rock Art Foundation Committee
Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation Selection Committee
Scientific Advisory Group
Seafood Exporters Consultative Committee
Senior Advisory Group on Joint Management Arrangements for Commonwealth National Parks
Shark-Plan Representative Group
Small Pelagic Fishery, Southern Squid Jig Fishery, Commonwealth Trawl Sector and Gillnet, Hook and Trap Sectors Management Advisory Committee
South-east Marine Parks Network Advisory Committee
South-west Marine Parks Network Advisory Committee
Southern Connected Basin Environmental Watering Committee
Southern Bluefin Tuna Fishery Management Advisory Committee
Statutory Fishing Rights Allocation Review Panel
Sub-Antarctic Fisheries Management Advisory Committee
Sub-committee on Aquatic Animal Health
Sub-committee on Domestic Quarantine and Market Access
Sub-committee on National Plant Health Surveillance
Sub-committee on Plant Health Diagnostics
Sustainable Diversion Limit Adjustment Assessment Committee
Temperate East Marine Park Advisory Committee
Threatened Species Scientific Committee
Torres Strait Protected Zone Joint Authority
Tourism Reef Advisory Committee
Tropical Tuna Management Advisory Committee
Uluru-Kata Tjuta Board of Management
Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Regulator
Western Australian Fisheries Joint Authority
Wine Australia Selection Committee
C. Other
Australian Egg Corporation Limited
Australian Livestock Export Corporation Ltd
Australian Meat Processor Corporation Limited
Australian Pork Limited
Australian Wool Innovation Limited
Dairy Australia Limited
Forest and Wood Products Australia Limited
Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited
Meat and Livestock Australia Limited
Sugar Research Australia Limited
Sydney Harbour Conservancy
Sydney Harbour Conservancy Ltd
The Centre for Invasive Species Solutions (Invasive Animals Australia)
A. Principal
Attorney-General's Department
Administrative Appeals Tribunal
Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency
Australian Building and Construction Commission
Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity
Australian Financial Security Authority
Australian Human Rights Commission
Australian Law Reform Commission
Coal Mining Industry (Long Service Leave Funding) Corporation
Fair Work Commission
Fair Work Ombudsman and Registered Organisations Commission Entity
Federal Court of Australia
National Archives of Australia
Office of Parliamentary Counsel
Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman
Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
Office of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security
Safe Work Australia
Seafarers Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Authority
B. Secondary
Administrative Review Council
Admiralty Rules Committee
Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency Council
Australian Government Solicitor
Australian Human Rights Commission
Bankruptcy Reform Consultative Forum
Defence Force Discipline Appeal Tribunal
Fair Work Commission
Family Law Council
Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (Division 1)
Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (Division 2)
Federal Safety Commissioner
Independent National Security Legislation Monitor
Information Advisory Committee
Meeting of Attorneys-General
National Archives of Australia Advisory Council
National Judicial College of Australia
National Native Title Tribunal
National Workplace Relations Consultative Council
Privacy Advisory Committee
Registered Organisations Commission (ROC)
Respect@Work Council
Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide
Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability
Safe Work Australia
Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission
Seafarers Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Authority
Security of Payments Working Group
C. Other
Law Courts Ltd
A. Principal
Department of Defence
AAF Company (Trustee of Army Amenities Fund and Messes Trust Fund)
Army and Air Force Canteen Service
Australian Military Forces Relief Trust Fund
Australian Signals Directorate
Australian Strategic Policy Institute Limited
Defence Housing Australia
RAAF Welfare Recreational Company
Royal Australian Air Force Veterans Residences Trust Fund
Royal Australian Air Force Welfare Trust Fund
Royal Australian Navy Central Canteens Board (Royal Australian Navy Central Canteens Fund)
Royal Australian Navy Relief Trust Fund
B. Secondary
Afghanistan Inquiry Implementation Oversight Panel
Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law
Australian Air Force (Royal Australian Air Force)
Australian Army
Australian Civil-Military Centre
Australian Cyber Security Centre
Australian Defence College
Australian Defence Force Cover Scheme (ADF Cover)
Australian Defence Force Financial Services Consumer Centre
Australian Defence Force Superannuation Scheme (ADF Super)
Australian Geospatial Intelligence Organisation
Australian Government Security Vetting Agency
Australian Hydrographic Service
Australian Maritime Defence Council
Australian Navy (Royal Australian Navy)
Chief Judge Advocate
Chief of the Defence Force
Computer Emergency Response Team Australia
Defence Families of Australia
Defence Force Advocate
Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal
Defence Intelligence Organisation
Defence Science and Technology Group
Departments of Defence and Veterans’ Affairs Human Research Ethics Committee
DHA Advisory Committee
Director of Defence Counsel Services
Director of Military Prosecutions
First Principles Review Oversight Board
Forces Entertainment Board
Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force
Judge Advocate General and Deputy Judge Advocate Generals
Office of Reserve Service Protection
Phoenix Australia - Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health
Registrar of Military Justice
Religious Advisory Committee to the Services
Stay Smart Online
Submarine Advisory Committee
Vice Chief of the Defence Force
Woomera Prohibited Area Advisory Board
Young Endeavour Youth Scheme
C. Other
Crace Developments - Investments in Associates
Defence Health Limited
DHA Investment Management Ltd
Lyons Joint Venture
Navy Health Ltd
The Sanctuary - Wattle Grove - Interest in Joint Venture Development
Education, Skills and Employment
A. Principal
Department of Education, Skills and Employment
Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority
Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership Limited
Australian National University
Australian Research Council
Australian Skills Quality Authority (National Vocational Education and Training Regulator)
Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency
B. Secondary
2021 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap Expert Working Group
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Advisory Group
Australia India Education Council
Australia Indonesia Centre
Australian Education Research Organisation Limited (AERO)
Australian Education Senior Officials Committee (AESOC)
Australian Industry and Skills Committee
Australian-American Educational Foundation (Fulbright Commission)
Copyright Advisory Group
Council for International Education
Early Childhood Policy Group
Education Ministers Meeting
Equity in Higher Education Panel
Higher Education Standards Panel
International Assessments Joint National Advisory Committee
National Careers Institute
National Careers Institute Advisory Board
National Skills Commissioner
Performance-Based Funding Review - Expert Group
Preschool Outcomes Measure Expert Advisory Group
Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching Working Group
Regional Education Commissioner
Safe and Supportive School Communities Working Group
Schools Policy Group
Skills Expert Panel
Skills Ministers' Meeting
Student Identifiers Registrar
TPS Advisory Board
Trades Recognition Australia
Tuition Protection Service Director
University Research Commercialisation Scheme Taskforce
C. Other
ANU (UK) Foundation
ANU Enterprise Ltd
ANU Enterprise Pty Limited
ANU International Holdings Pty Ltd
ANU MTAA Super Venture Capital Partnership, LP
ANU MTAA Super Venture Capital Pty Limited
Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority
Australian Scientific Instruments Pty Limited
Education Services Australia
National Centre for Vocational Education Research Ltd
National School Resourcing Board
The Social Research Centre Pty Limited
A. Principal
Department of Finance
ASC Pty Ltd
Australian Electoral Commission
Australian Naval Infrastructure Pty Ltd
Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation
Future Fund Management Agency
Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority
B. Secondary
Australian Political Exchange Council
Budget and Financial Framework Advisory Committee
Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme
Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits Scheme
Future Fund Board of Guardians
Future Fund Designated Actuary
Heads of Treasury Accounting and Reporting Advisory Committee (Australia)
Independent Communications Committee
Military Superannuation and Benefits Scheme
Public Sector Superannuation Accumulation Plan
Public Sector Superannuation Scheme
C. Other
Access Opportunity LP
Adams Street Global Opportunities Secondary Fund II-A, L.P.
Adams Street Partnership Fund - 2009 Non-US Emerging Markets Fund-A, L.P.
ADT MMC 2018 (F) Blocker LLC
Advent International GPE VII-F L.P.
AFF Feeder SCSp
Archer Capital GF Trust 2C
Archer Capital Trust 5C
Ares Credit Strategies Feeder Fund III L.P.
Ares Credit Strategies Feeder III UK, LP
Ares Credit Strategies Fund III, L.P.
Ares CSF III Luxembourg SARL
Ares Private Debt Strategies Fund III, L.P.
ASC AWD Shipbuilder Pty Ltd
ASC Modules Pty Ltd
ASC OPV Shipbuilder Pty Ltd
ASP Offshore Company Limited - 2009 Non-US Emerging Markets Fund-A
ASP Offshore Company Limited - Global Opportunities Secondary Fund II-A
Athanor International AUD Fund, Ltd
Athanor International Fund 2, Ltd
Atom Overseas Ltd
AU Special Investments II, L.P.
AU Special Investments, L.P.
Badger Fund
Bain Capital Credit Holdings Investors (MRF), LP
Bain Capital Distressed and Special Situations 2016 (F), LP
Bain Capital Distressed and Special Situations 2016 (F-EU), L.P.
Bain Capital Distressed and Special Situations 2019 (F), LP
Bain Capital Middle Market Credit 2010 (Offshore II Master), L.P.
Bain Capital Middle Market Credit 2010 Investors (Offshore II), Ltd
Bain Capital Middle Market Credit 2014 (F), LP
Bain Capital Middle Market Credit 2018 (F), LP
Baymount Master Fund LP
Baymount Offshore Fund I (AUD) Ltd
BCC Distressed & Special Situations (F) Holdings LP
BCC DSS 2019 Holdings (F), L.P.
BCC DSS 2019 US Holdings (F), LLC
BCC Foreland Holdings (E), LLC
Berkshire FF Multifamily Co-Investment Fund, L.P.
Berkshire FF Multifamily Co-Investment REIT
Blue Jay Fund Ltd
Blue Jay Reinsurance Ltd
Bridgewater Pure Alpha Fund III Ltd
Brookfield Real Estate Partners F L.P.
BSREP III Australia Sub LP
Bulk Maritime Partners III Ltd
Burnet Core Portfolio Fund, Ltd
Burnet Discretionary Portfolio Fund, Ltd
Clocktower FF LP
ClockTower MRFF LP
Co-Investment Fund (Parallel) LP (formerly BlackRock Co-Investment Fund III (Parallel) L.P.)
Columbia Capital Equity Partners VII (NON-US) LP
CP Venture I, LP
Deep Blue Tech Pty Ltd
Dymon Asia Multi-Strategy Investment Fund
Elementum Eccles Fund Ltd
Elementum Tranquillius Fund Ltd
EMD Flexi Dynamic Australian Feeder Fund
EMD2 Flexi Dynamic Australian Feeder Fund
Epicentre Co-Investment 1 LP
Fairchild Offshore Fund II L.P.
FF Bearcat Holdings LP
FFH No.3 Trust
FRM Argyle Limited
Future Fund Investment Company No.1 Pty Ltd
Future Fund Investment Company No.2 Pty Ltd
Future Fund Investment Company No.3 Pty Ltd
Future Fund Investment Company No.4 Pty Ltd
Future Fund Investment Company No.5 Pty Ltd
Future Fund Investment Company No.6 Pty Ltd
Garrison Real Estate Fund II A L.P.
GIP II - D1 Intermediate (Scot), L.P.
GIP II D1 Holding I L.P.
GIP II D3 Holding 1 (Eagle US) LLC
GIP II D5 Holding I (FLNGI Option Offshore), L.P. Inc.
GIP II D6 Holding 1 (FLNG U.S.), LLC
GIP II D7 Holding 1 (CPV U.S.), LLC
GIP II D8 Holding 1 (Blue U.S.), LLC
GIP II-D1 AIV Unit Trust
GIP II-D1 Intermediate CPV AIV 1, L.P.
GIP II-D1 Intermediate Eagle AIV 1 L.P.
Glen Point Emerging Markets Fixed Income Fund Limited
Glen Point Global Macro Fund Limited
Global Infrastructure Partners - Co-Invest IV L.P.
Global Infrastructure Partners II-D1, L.P.
Global Infrastructure Partners II-D2, L.P.
GMO Allegro Trust
GPE VI-A OT Co-Investment L.P.
GPE VII-A OT Co-Investment L.P.
Greenspring GE (Offshore) , L.P.
Greenspring GE II (Offshore), L.P.
Greenspring GE III Master LP
Greenspring GE IV Master LP
Greenspring Growth Equity II (Cayman), L.P.
Greenspring Growth Equity II, L.P.
Greenspring Growth Equity IV, L.P.
Greenspring Growth Equity, L.P.
Greenspring Master MR, L.P
GREF II A Holdings LLC
Greystar GEPE Feeder (UK) I LP
GWII Unit Trust 2
Hayfin Opal 2020 (A) LP
Hayfin Opal 2020 (B) LP
Hayfin Opal Holdings Limited
Hayfin Opal III LP
Hayfin Opal Luxco 1 SARL
Hayfin Opal Luxco 2 SARL
Hayfin Opal Luxco 3 SARL
HERE Co-Investment Feeder Fund I, L.P.
HERE Co-Investment Fund I, L.P.
Highstar Capital IV-A L.P.
Highstar Linden CIV B Holdco LLC
Highstar Linden CIV II-B LLC
Hillwood EU Industrial Club III SCS
Horsley Bridge Strategic Fund, L.P.
Infrastructure Co-Investment Partners III (F) L.P.
Ionic Volatility Arbitrage Fund III Ltd
Ionic Volatility Arbitrage Master Fund III Ltd
Key Square International Fund II Ltd
Lake Constance CI Ltd
Lake Constance LP
Lantau Overseas Fund II, L.P.
Lantern Co-Investment Partners (F) L.P.
Lantern Co-Investment Partners (F-II) L.P.
Macro Themes Investors (Cayman) Ltd
Magdalena Investors (Cayman), Ltd
Man Opal Fund Limited
Melbourne Holdings 1, L.P.
Melbourne Holdings 2, L.P.
Melbourne Holdings 8, L.P.
Metropolitan Fund L.P.
Motive InvestCloud Co-Investment LP
MRFF Investment Company No.1 Pty Ltd
MRFF Investment Company No.2 Pty Ltd
North Haven Real Estate Fund VIII Co-Investments No.1 LP
Oaktree FF Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund (Feeder), L.P
Oaktree FF Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund, L.P
Oaktree FF Investment Fund AIF (Delaware), L.P.
Oaktree FF Investment Fund AIF Restructuring AIF (Delaware), L.P.
Oaktree FF Investment Fund Class F Holdings, L.P.
Oaktree FF Investment Fund Restructuring AIV (Cayman), L.P.
Oaktree FF Investment Fund, L.P.
Oaktree FF-A (Cayman) 1 CTB Ltd.
OCM DB Holdings 1, Ltd.
OHA FD Custom Credit AIV LP
OHA FD Custom Credit Fund BL LP
OHA FD Custom Credit Fund BL Subsidiary LP
OHA FD Custom Credit Fund LP
Olympus Peak Trade Claims Opportunities Fund I Offshore LP
Pacific Alliance-FF Asia Special Situations Fund L.P.
Pacific Alliance-FF Feeder Fund L.P.
Parliamentary Retiring Allowances Trust
Pendal High Alpha Fixed Income Fund (Formally BT High Alpha Fixed Income Fund)
Pendal Pure Alpha Fixed Income Trust
QS FF Emerging Markets Feeder L.P.
QS FF Emerging Markets II Feeder, L.P.
QS FF Emerging Markets II, L.P.
QS FF Emerging Markets L.P.
Quadrant Private Equity A2C Co-Investment Trust
Quadrant Private Equity No.3C
Quadrant Private Equity No.4C
Quadrant Private Equity No.5C
Quadrant Private Equity No.6C
Quadrant Private Equity No.7C
Queenscliff Trust
RCP FF Small Buyout Co-Investment Fund II, L.P.
RCP FF Small Buyout Co-Investment Fund III, LP
RCP FF Small Buyout Co-Investment Fund, L.P.
Schonfeld Strategic AWF Fund LP
Seidler Equity Australia I L.P.
Sorrento Trust
Squarepoint Atlas US Feeder LP
Starwood Energy Infrastructure II Canada LP
SWG Arlington IV-A FIV Sub, LLC
SWG Griffith IV-A FIV Sub, LLC
SWG IV-A Interco LLC
The Freycinet Fund Core Portfolio, Ltd
The Freycinet Fund Discretionary Portfolio, Ltd
Torq Asia Opportunities Offshore Fund Ltd.
Worden Fund, L.P.
Foreign Affairs and Trade
A. Principal
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
Australian Secret Intelligence Service
Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade)
Export Finance Australia (EFA)
Tourism Australia
B. Secondary
Advisory Group on Australia-Africa Relations (AGAAR)
APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC)
Australia Pacific Security College
Australia Pacific Training Coalition Advisory Board (APTC)
Australia's Nation Brand Advisory Council
Australia-ASEAN Council
Australia-India Council
Australia-Indonesia Institute (AII)
Australia-Japan Foundation
Australia-Korea Foundation
Australian Infrastructure Financing facility for the Pacific (AIFFP)
Australian National Commission for UNESCO
Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office
Australian Standing Committee on Tourism
Commission for International Agricultural Research
Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR)
Council on Australia Latin America Relations (COALAR)
Editorial Advisory Board
Independent Evaluation Committee
Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security Technical Reference Group
Ministerial Advisory Council on FTA Negotiations
National Foundation for Australia-China Relations (NFCAR)
National Investment Advisory Board
Policy Advisory Council (for international agricultural research)
Senior Official Trade and Investment Group
Sports Diplomacy Advisory Council (SDAC)
Tourism Access Working Group
Tourism Ministers Meeting
Tourism Research Australia
Tourism Research Committee
Trade and Investment Ministers Meeting
A. Principal
Department of Health
Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission
Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care
Australian Digital Health Agency
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Australian National Preventive Health Agency
Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
Australian Sports Commission
Australian Sports Foundation Limited
Cancer Australia
Food Standards Australia New Zealand
Independent Hospital Pricing Authority
National Blood Authority
National Health and Medical Research Council
National Health Funding Body
National Mental Health Commission
Organ and Tissue Authority
Professional Services Review
Sport Integrity Australia
B. Secondary
Advisory Committee on Biologicals
Advisory Committee on Chemicals Scheduling
Advisory Committee on Complementary Medicines
Advisory Committee on Medical Devices
Advisory Committee on Medicines
Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling
Advisory Committee on Vaccines
Aged Care Clinical Advisory Committee
Aged Care Pricing Commissioner
Aged Care Quality and Safety Advisory Council
Australian Advisory Council on the Medicinal use of Cannabis
Australian Bleeding Disorders Registry Steering Committee
Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care's Inter-Jurisdictional Committee
Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care's Primary Care Committee
Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care's Private Hospital Committee
Australian Community Pharmacy Authority
Australian Digital Health Agency - Clinical and Technical Advisory Committee
Australian Digital Health Agency - Consumer Advisory Committee
Australian Digital Health Agency - Jurisdictional Advisory Committee
Australian Digital Health Agency - Privacy Security and Advisory Committee
Australian Health Protection Principal Committee
Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme
Australian Medical Research Advisory Board
Australian National Advisory Council on Alcohol and other Drugs
Australian Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation Advisory Board
Australian Sports Drug Medical Advisory Committee
Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation
Clinical Governance Committee
Clinical Trials Jurisdictional Working Group
Communicable Diseases Network Australia
COVID-19 Vaccines and Treatments for Australia – Science and Industry Technical Advisory Group
Director of Human Biosecurity
Eye and Tissue Advisory Committee
Food Ministers' Meeting
Gene Technology Ethics and Community Consultative Committee
Gene Technology Ministers' Meeting
Gene Technology Regulator
Gene Technology Standing Committee
Gene Technology Technical Advisory Committee
General Practice Training Advisory Committee
Haemovigilance Advisory Committee
Health Chief Executives Forum
Health Ministers' Meeting Forum
Health Star Rating Advisory Committee
Healthdirect Australia Board
Independent Hospital Pricing Authority Clinical Advisory Committee
Infection Control Expert Group
Jurisdictional Advisory Group
Jurisdictional Blood Committee
Life Saving Drugs Program Expert Panel
Medical Services Advisory Committee
Medical Workforce Reform Advisory Committee
Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Advisory Committee (MRAC)
Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Taskforce
Medicare Participation Review Committee
Million Minds Mission Advisory Panel
Ministerial Advisory Committee on Blood Borne Viruses and Sexually Transmissible Infections
MRFF Cardiovascular Health Mission Expert Advisory Panel
MRFF Genomic Health Futures Mission Expert Advisory Committee
MRFF Indigenous Health Research Fund Expert Advisory Panel
National Advisory Group for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care (NAGATSIAC)
National Aged Care Advisory Council NACAC
National Health and Medical Research Council - Australian Health Ethics Committee
National Health and Medical Research Council - Commissioner of Complaints
National Health and Medical Research Council - Council
National Health and Medical Research Council - Embryo Research and Licensing Committee
National Health and Medical Research Council - Health Research Impact Committee
National Health and Medical Research Council - Research Committee
National Health Funding Pool
National Immunisation Committee
National Immunoglobulin Governance Advisory Committee
National Medical Workforce Strategy Service Registrars Working Group
National Medical Workforce Strategy Steering Committee
National Mental Health Workforce Strategy Taskforce
National Pathology Accreditation Advisory Council
National Rural Health Commissioner
National Sports Tribunal
National Suicide Prevention Office (NSPO)
Nuclear Safety Committee
Patient Blood Management Advisory Committee
Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee
Pharmaceutical Benefits Remuneration Tribunal
Pharmaceutical Services Federal Committee of Inquiry
Primary Health Reform Steering Group
Professional Services Review - Determining Authority
Professional Services Review Panel
Prostheses List Advisory Committee
Quality Use of Pathology Committee
Radiation Health and Safety Advisory Council
Radiation Health Committee
Transplant Liaison Reference Group
Victorian Mental Health Pandemic Response Taskforce
Vigilance and Surveillance Expert Advisory Committee
C. Other
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practice Board of Australia
Agency Management Committee
Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
Chinese Medicine Board of Australia
Chiropractic Board of Australia
Dental Board of Australia
Medical Board of Australia
Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia
National Health Practitioner Ombudsman and Privacy Commissioner
Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia
Occupational Therapy Board of Australia
Optometry Board of Australia
Osteopathy Board of Australia
Paramedicine Board of Australia
Pharmacy Board of Australia
Physiotherapy Board of Australia
Podiatry Board of Australia
Psychology Board of Australia
Home Affairs
A. Principal
Department of Home Affairs
Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission
Australian Federal Police
Australian Institute of Criminology
Australian Security Intelligence Organisation
Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre
Office of the Special Investigator
B. Secondary
2020 Cyber Security Strategy Industry Advisory Panel
Australia-New Zealand Counter-Terrorism Committee
Australia-New Zealand Emergency Management Committee
Australian Border Force
Australian Border Force Commissioner
Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network - Joint Management Group
Australian Institute of Police Management
Australian Multicultural Council
Customs Advisory Board
Cyber Security Industry Advisory Committee
Document Verification Service Advisory Board
Education Visa Consultative Committee
Firearms and Weapons Policy Working Group
Industry Advisory Group
Inspector of Transport Security
Inter-Governmental Committee on the Australian Crime Commission
Interception Consultative Committee
Migration Advice Industry Advisory Group
Ministerial Advisory Council on Skilled Migration
Modern Slavery Expert Advisory Group
National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters
National Border Targeting Centre
National Committee on Trade Facilitation
National Customs Brokers Licensing Advisory Committee
National Cybercrime Working Group
National Identity Security Coordination Group
National Passengers Facilitation Committee
National Sea Passenger Facilitation Committee
Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements Stakeholder Group
Operation Sovereign Borders (Joint Agency Task Force)
Precursor Advisory Group
Precursor Industry Reference Group
Refugee and Migrant Services Advisory Council
Secret Network Owners Committee
Senior Officers Group on Organised Crime
Skilled Migration Officials Group
Startup Advisory Panel
Tourism Visa Advisory Group
Translation and Interpreting Service
Trusted Information Sharing Network for Critical Infrastructure Resilience
C. Other
Aviation Security Identification Card Issuing Bodies
Maritime Security Identification Card issuing Bodies
Industry, Science, Energy and Resources
A. Principal
Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources
Australian Institute of Marine Science
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Australian Renewable Energy Agency
Clean Energy Finance Corporation
Clean Energy Regulator
Climate Change Authority
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Geoscience Australia
IP Australia
National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority
Snowy Hydro Ltd
B. Secondary
Anti-Dumping Commission
Anti-Dumping Review Panel
Australia and New Zealand Land Information Council (ANZLIC)
Australia Telescope National Facility Steering Committee
Australia Telescope Time Assignment Committee
Australia Telescope User Committee
Australian Building Codes Board
Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner
Australian Industry Participation Authority
Australian Radioactive Waste Agency (ARWA)
Australian Space Agency
Australian Space Agency Advisory Board
Australian Square Kilometre Array Coordination Committee
Building Ministers' Meeting
Carbon Net Intergovernmental Steering Committee
Chief Scientist
COAG Industry and Skills Council
Commercial Building Disclosure Forum
Emissions Reduction Assurance Committee
Energy Consumers Australia
Energy Ministers' Meeting
Energy Security Board
Energy Senior Officials Meeting
Fuel Standards Consultative Committee
Global Innovation Linkages Independent Advisory Panel
Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence
Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) Regulator
Independent Energy Appointments Selection Panel
Independent Scientific Committee on Wind Turbines
Industry Innovation and Science Australia
Industry Innovation and Science Australia - Biomedical Translation Fund Committee
Industry Innovation and Science Australia - Cooperative Research Centres Advisory Committee
Industry Innovation and Science Australia - Entrepreneurs' Programme Committee
Industry Innovation and Science Australia - Innovation Investment Committee
Industry Innovation and Science Australia - R&D Incentives Committee
International Trade Remedies Forum
Joint Accreditation System of Australia/New Zealand Governing Board
Kimba Consultative Committee
Maralinga Land and Environment Management Committee
Marine National Facility National Benefit Assessment Panel
Marine National Facility Scientific Advisory Committee
Marine National Facility Supplementary Scheduling Committee
National Climate Science Advisory Committee
National Marine Science Committee
National Measurement Institute
National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority Board
National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator
National Operating Committee on Jet Fuel Assurance
National Science and Technology Council
Questacon Advisory Council
Science and Industry Endowment Fund Advisory Councils
Special Adviser to the Australian Government on Low Emissions Technology
Technology Investment Advisory Council
Trans-Tasman IP Attorneys Board
Trans-Tasman IP Attorneys Disciplinary Tribunal
C. Other
ANSTO Nuclear Medicine Pty Ltd
Australian Energy Market Commission
Australian Energy Market Operator
CEFC Investments Pty Ltd
Clean Energy Investment Management Pty Ltd
Connection Media Pty Ltd
Contact Peaker Australia Pty Ltd
CSIRO Custodial Services Pty Ltd
CSIRO Financial Services Pty Ltd
CSIRO Follow-on Sponsor Trust
CSIRO FollowOn Services 2 Pty Ltd
CSIRO FollowOn Services Pty Ltd
CSIRO Fund of Funds, LP (an AFOF)
CSIRO General Partner 2 Pty Ltd
CSIRO General Partner Pty Ltd
CSIRO Innovation Follow-on Fund 1 (a Managed Investment Trust)
CSIRO Innovation Fund 1, LP (an ESVCLP)
CSIRO Innovation Fund 2 Discretionary Trust
CSIRO Innovation Fund 2, LP (an ESVCLP)
CSIRO Innovation Fund Discretionary Trust
CSIRO Innovation Holding Trust
CSIRO Innovation Services Pty Ltd
CSIRO Innovations LLC
CSIRO Management Partnership 2, LP
CSIRO Management Partnership, LP
CSIROGP Fund 2 Pty Ltd
Direct Connect Australia Pty Ltd
Emagy Pty Ltd
Fundación CSIRO Chile Research
Industry Capability Network Limited
Latrobe Valley BV
Lumo Energy (NSW) Pty Ltd
Lumo Energy (QLD) Pty Ltd
Lumo Energy (SA) Pty Ltd
Lumo Energy Australia Pty Ltd
Lumo Energy Telecommunications Pty Ltd
Lumo Generation NSW Pty Ltd
Lumo Generation SA Pty Ltd
National ICT Australia limited
PETTECH Solutions Pty Ltd
Red Energy Pty Ltd
Science and Industry Endowment Fund
Silicon Quantum Computing Pty Ltd
Snowy Hydro Trading Pty Ltd
TFI Partners Pty Ltd
Valley Power Pty Ltd
Women in STEM Ambassador
Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications
A. Principal
Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications
Airservices Australia
Australia Council
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Australian Communications and Media Authority
Australian Film, Television and Radio School
Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Australian National Maritime Museum
Australian Postal Corporation
Australian Rail Track Corporation Limited
Australian Transport Safety Bureau
Bundanon Trust
Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Creative Partnerships Australia Ltd
Infrastructure Australia
Moorebank Intermodal Company Limited
National Capital Authority
National Faster Rail Agency
National Film and Sound Archive of Australia
National Gallery of Australia
National Library of Australia
National Museum of Australia
National Portrait Gallery of Australia
National Transport Commission
NBN Co Limited
North Queensland Water Infrastructure Authority
Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility
Screen Australia
Special Broadcasting Service Corporation
WSA Co Limited
B. Secondary
ABC Advisory Council
Acting Administrator of the Indian Ocean Territories (Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Island)
Administrator of Norfolk Island
Administrator of the Indian Ocean Territories (Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands)
Administrator of the Northern Territory
Administrator of Vehicle Standards
Advisory Committee for Indigenous Repatriation
Aircraft Noise Ombudsman
Associate Administrators of Vehicle Standards
Australia Post Stakeholder Council
Australian Broadband Advisory Council
Australian Motor Vehicle Certification Board
Australian Road Research Board Group Limited
Australian Transport Assessment and Planning Steering Committee
Aviation Access Forum
Aviation Strategic Leaders Forum
Black Spot Consultative Panels
Brisbane Airport Post Implementation Review Advisory Forum
Canberra National Memorials Committee
Child Welfare Officer
Christmas Island Emergency Management Committee
Christmas Island Strategic Assessment Reference Group
Cities Reference Group
Classification Board
Classification Review Board
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Emergency Management Committee
Communications Sector Group
Communications Security and Enforcement Roundtable
Consumer Consultative Forum
Copyright Tribunal of Australia
Creative Economy Taskforce
Deputy Administrator of the Indian Ocean Territories (Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands)
Emergency Call Service Advisory Committee
eSafety Advisory Committee
eSafety Commissioner
Film Certification Advisory Board
Forum on Western Sydney Airport
General Aviation Advisory Network
Indian Ocean Territories Health Service Community Advisory Committee
Infrastructure and Transport Minister Meeting
Infrastructure and Transport Senior Officials’ Committee
Infrastructure Working Group
International Air Services Commission
Jervis Bay Territory Emergency Management Committee
Jervis Bay Territory Fire Management Committee
Joint Agency Coordination Centre
Joint Commonwealth and Tasmanian Economic Council
Joint Commonwealth and Tasmanian Economic Council Business Members Group
Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area Advisory Committee
Motor Vehicle Standards Review Panel
National Accessible Public Transport Advisory Committee
National Accessible Transport Steering Committee
National Accessible Transport Taskforce
National Broadband Network Liaison Group
National Cultural Heritage Committee
National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy Industry Reference Panel
National Water Grid Advisory Body
Nomination Panel for ABC and SBS Board Appointments
Norfolk Island Health and Residential Aged Care Service
Numbering Advisory Committee
Protection Zone Advisory Committee
Public Lending Right Committee
Radio Communications Consultative Committee
RDA SA Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu & Kangaroo Island
RDA SA Barossa Gawler Light Adelaide Plains
RDA SA Eyre Peninsula
RDA SA Far North
RDA SA Limestone Coast
RDA SA Murraylands & Riverland
RDA SA Yorke & Mid North
RDA VIC Barwon South West
RDA VIC Gippsland
RDA VIC Grampians
RDA VIC Loddon Mallee
RDA VIC Melbourne
Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee
Registrar of Liner Shipping
SBS Community Advisory Committee
Slot Compliance Committee
Special Magistrate of the Jervis Bay Territory
Strategic Vehicle Safety and Environment Group
Supreme Court of Norfolk Island
Sydney Airport Community Forum
Technical Liaison Group
Transport Certification Australia Limited
C. Other
ABC AustraliaPlus (Shanghai) Cultural Development Co Ltd
Airport Building Controllers
Airport Environment Officers
AP Global Holdings Pty Ltd
AP International Holdings Pty Ltd
APost Accelerator Pty Ltd
APost Innovation Pty Ltd
Australia Post Digital iD Pty Ltd
Australia Post Global eCommerce Solutions (Aust) Pty Ltd
Australia Post Global eCommerce Solutions (UK) Limited
Australia Post Global eCommerce Solutions (USA) Inc.
Australia Post Global eCommerce Solutions Private Limited
Australia Post Licensee Advisory Council Limited
Australia Post Services Pty Ltd
Australia Post Transaction Services Pty Ltd
Australian Children's Television Foundation Board
Australian Communications Consumer Action Network
Australian Express Freight Pty. Limited
Australian Express Transport Pty. Limited
Australian National Maritime Museum Foundation
AUX Investments Pty Ltd
Community Broadcasting Foundation Limited
Darra No. 1 Trust
Darra No. 2 Trust
Decipha Pty Ltd
Freeview Australia Limited
Gordon Darling Australia Pacific Print Fund
Mardarne No 1 Trust
Mardarne Pty. Ltd.
MediaHub Australia Pty Ltd
Minchinbury No. 1 Trust
Minchinbury No. 2 Trust
Moorebank Intermodal Development Investment Nominees Pty Ltd
Moorebank Intermodal Development Rail Nominees Pty Ltd
Moorebank Precinct Nominees Pty Ltd
Music Choice Australia Pty Ltd
National DAB Licence Company Ltd
National Gallery of Australia Foundation
National Heavy Vehicle Regulator
National Maritime Safety Regulator
National Portrait Gallery of Australia Foundation
Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator
POLi Payments Pty Ltd
PostLogistics (Hong Kong) Pte Limited
Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board
RDA ACT Australian Capital Territory
RDA NSW Central Coast
RDA NSW Central West
RDA NSW Far South Coast
RDA NSW Far West
RDA NSW Hunter
RDA NSW Illawarra
RDA NSW Mid North Coast
RDA NSW Murray
RDA NSW Northern Inland
RDA NSW Northern Rivers
RDA NSW Riverina
RDA NSW Southern Inland
RDA NSW Sydney
RDA NT Northern Territory
RDA QLD Brisbane
RDA QLD Central and Western Queensland Inc
RDA QLD Darling Downs & South West
RDA QLD Gold Coast
RDA QLD Ipswich & West Moreton
RDA QLD Logan & Redlands
RDA QLD Mackay-Isaac-Whitsunday
RDA QLD Moreton Bay
RDA QLD Sunshine Coast
RDA QLD Townsville & North West
RDA QLD Tropical North
RDA QLD Wide Bay Burnett
RDA SA Adelaide Metropolitan
RDA TAS Tasmania
RDA WA Goldfields Esperance
RDA WA Great Southern
RDA WA Kimberley
RDA WA Mid West Gascoyne
RDA WA Perth
RDA WA Pilbara
RDA WA South West
RDA WA Wheatbelt
SecurePay Holdings Pty Ltd
SecurePay Pty. Ltd.
Star Track Express Holdings Pty Limited
Star Track Express Investments Pty Limited
Star Track Express Pty Limited
StarTrack Retail Pty Ltd
Sydney Airport Slot Manager
The News Channel Pty Ltd
Prime Minister and Cabinet
A. Principal
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Aboriginal Hostels Limited
Anindilyakwa Land Council
Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
Australian National Audit Office
Australian Public Service Commission
Central Land Council
Digital Transformation Agency
Indigenous Business Australia
Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation
National Australia Day Council Limited
National Indigenous Australians Agency
Northern Land Council
Office of National Intelligence
Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General
Old Parliament House
Outback Stores Pty Ltd
The National Recovery and Resilience Agency
Tiwi Land Council
Torres Strait Regional Authority
Workplace Gender Equality Agency
Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community Council
B. Secondary
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Advisory Group
Aboriginals Benefit Account Advisory Committee
Australian Bravery Decorations Council
Council for the Order of Australia
Data and Digital Ministers' Meeting
Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal
Digital Experts Advisory Committee
Executive Director Township Leasing
Indigenous Evaluation Committee
Joint Council on Closing the Gap
Local and Regional Co-design Group
National Co-Design Group
National Data Advisory Council
National Emergency Medal Committee
National Federation Reform Council Women’s Safety Taskforce
National NAIDOC Committee
National Recovery and Resilience Agency Advisory Board
Nomination Panel for appointments to the boards of the Australian Broadcasting Co and Special Broadcasting Service
Northern Australia Strategic Partnership
Office of the Aboriginal Land Commissioner
Office of the Merit Protection Commissioner
Office of the National Data Commissioner
Office of the Registrar of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations
Open Government Forum
Prime Minister's Indigenous Advisory Council
Remuneration Tribunal
Senior Advisory Group
Treaties Council
C. Other
Anangu Communities Foundation
Anderleigh Enterprises Pty Ltd
Anderleigh Holding Trust
Bowen Basin Holdings Pty Limited
Bowen Basin Investments Pty Limited
Carpentaria Shipping Trust Australia
CDC Nominees (McArthur River Shipping) Pty Limited
CDC Nominees (TCTP) Pty Limited
Darwin Hotel Holdings Pty Limited
Darwin Hotel Holdings Trust
Darwin Hotel Partnership
Darwin Hotel Pty Ltd
Fitzroy Lodge Investments Pty Limited
Gagudju Crocodile Hotel Trust
Gagudju Lodge Cooinda Trust
Hotel Enterprises Pty Limited
Hotel Holdings Trust
IBA Asset Management Pty Ltd
IBA Northam Solar PTY LTD
IBA Property Investments Pty Limited
IBA Retail Asset Management Pty Ltd
IBA Retail Property Trust
IBA Tourism Asset Management Pty Ltd
IBA Wilpena Solar PTY LTD
IBA Wilpena Solar Trust
Ikara Wilpena Enterprises Pty Ltd
Ikara Wilpena Holdings Trust
Indigenous Prosperity Fund - Growth Fund
Indigenous Prosperity Fund - Income Fund
Indigenous Real Estate Investment Trust-Head Trust
Kakadu Tourism (GCH) Pty Limited
Kakadu Tourism (GLC) Pty Limited
Leonora Investments Pty Limited
Li Ar Yalug Holding Trust
Marlba Maya Pty Ltd
Mungo Lodge Holdings Pty Limited
Mungo Lodge Pty Limited
National Centre of Indigenous Excellence Ltd
North Stradbroke Enterprises Pty Ltd
North Stradbroke Enterprises Trust
Port Hedland Investment Trust
Primary Partners Pty Ltd
Tennant Creek Enterprises Pty Limited
Tennant Creek Enterprises Trust
Tennant Creek Foodbarn Partnership
Tennant Creek Land Holding Trust
Tennant Creek Supermarket Pty Limited
The Owners-Strata Plan No. 86156
The Trustee for IBA Northam Solar Trust (commonly referred to as IBA Northam Solar Trust)
Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park Partnership
Tjapukai Pty Limited
Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia Pty Ltd
Wildman Wilderness Lodge Pty Ltd
Wilpena Pound Aerodrome Services Pty Ltd
A. Principal
Department of the Treasury
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Australian Office of Financial Management
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation
Australian Securities and Investments Commission
Australian Taxation Office
Commonwealth Grants Commission
Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority Ltd
Inspector-General of Taxation
National Competition Council
National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation
Office of the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board
Office of the Australian Accounting Standards Board
Productivity Commission
Reserve Bank of Australia
Royal Australian Mint
B. Secondary
ACCC Consumer Consultative Committee
ACCC Performance Consultative Committee
Agriculture Consultative Committee
AusNCP Governance and Advisory Board
Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce
Australia and New Zealand Electronic Invoicing Board
Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission
Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission Advisory Board
Australian Competition Tribunal
Australian Energy Regulator
Australian Government Actuary
Australian Government Competitive Neutrality Complaints Office
Australian Loan Council
Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman
Australian Statistics Advisory Council
Board of Taxation
Companies Auditors Disciplinary Board
Consultation Steering Group
Consumer Advisory Panel
Council of Financial Regulators
Council on Federal Financial Relations
Data Standards Body
Expert Advisory Panel on Whistleblower Protections
Financial Regulator Assessment Authority
Financial Reporting Council
FinTech Advisory Group
Food and Grocery Code Independent Reviewer
Foreign Investment Review Board
Fuel Consultative Committee
Global Infrastructure Hub
GST Stewardship Group
Heads of Treasuries
Independent Expert Panel Review of Financial System's External Dispute Resolution and Complaints Framework
Individuals Stewardship Group
Infrastructure Consultative Committee
Inspector-General of Taxation
Large Business Stewardship Group
Legislative and Governance Forum for Corporations
Markets Taskforce Expert Advisory Board
National Tax Liaison Group
Not-for-Profit Stewardship Group
Payments System Board
Private Groups Stewardship Group
Review of Treasury's Macroeconomic Forecasting Capabilities: Expert Panel
Small Business & Franchising Consultative Committee
Small Business Stewardship Group
Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision
Superannuation Complaints Tribunal
Superannuation Complaints Tribunal Advisory Committee
Superannuation Industry Stewardship Group
Takeovers Panel
Tax Practitioner Stewardship Group
Tax Practitioners Board
Trans-Tasman Accounting and Auditing Standards Advisory Group
Trans-Tasman Council on Banking Supervision
Utility Regulators Forum
Wholesale Telecommunications Consultative Forum
C. Other
Australian Housing & Urban Research Institute
Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Reviewer
Note Printing Australia Ltd