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Skilled Migration Officials Group

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The Skilled Migration Officials Group (SMOG) provides a forum for the Commonwealth and State/Territory governments to discuss proposals and new initiatives, share information, consider issues and further develop strategies arising in implementation of policies in relation to skilled migration. The SMOG: - exchanges information between Commonwealth and States/Territories - focuses on skilled and business migration meeting skill shortages and economic needs - considers issues in relation to regional dispersal, as part of a balanced migration program - considers ways to meet any particular needs of individual States/Territories - would, on an as needs basis, be tasked to provide advice to the Ministerial Advisory Council on Skilled Migration (MACSM) on the practical implementation of policy initiatives being considered. The SMOG will enable: - the Commonwealth and States/Territories to discuss proposed changes and issues related to implementation in the skilled and business migration programmes - the States/Territories to raise issues that impact on their respective jurisdictions and develop options to overcome difficulties - the Commonwealth and States/Territories to report on skilled and business migration programmes in the various jurisdictions - the Commonwealth and States/Territories to develop an understanding of each other's priorities and exchange ideas - members to identify a work plan for SMOG's activities over given programme years.

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