Housing Australia

The NHFIC's mission is to improve housing outcomes for all Australians by: - strengthening efforts to increase the supply of housing; and - encouraging investment in housing (particularly in the social or affordable housing sector); and - providing finance, grants and investments that complement, leverage or support Commonwealth, State or Territory activities relating to housing; and - contributing to the development of the scale, efficiency and effectiveness of the community housing sector in Australia; and - assisting earlier access to the housing market by first home buyers. The NHFIC administers the following programs: - making loans, investments and grants for enabling infrastructure for housing that supports new housing, particularly affordable housing, through the $1 billion National Housing Infrastructure Facility; - providing cheaper and longer-term financing to registered community housing providers through the Affordable Housing Bond Aggregator; - providing up to 10,000 guarantees per financial year to allow eligible first home buyers to purchase a modest home sooner with a deposit of as little as 5 per cent, and an additional 10,000 guarantees in 2020-21 to build a new home or purchase a newly-built home, through the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme; - supporting registered community housing providers and encouraging growth of the sector through a capacity building program; and - undertaking research into housing demand, supply and affordability in Australia.

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    Housing Australia Act 2018

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