The AOFM's key responsibilities involve managing the Australian Government's debt portfolio through the issuance of Commonwealth Government Securities (CGS), managing the Australian Government's overall cash balance in the Official Public Account (OPA), and any investment in financial assets arising from these activities or as a result of any specific policy mandate from the Australian Government. This requires close working relations with the Department of the Treasury, Department of Finance and the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). It also requires that the AOFM maintain credible professional relationships with the banking sector (which act as intermediaries in the CGS market) and with domestic and international investors in CGS.
Appropriations 510193642000
Departmental expenses 11948000
Average staffing level 40
Langton Crescent
Parkes ACT 2600

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  • Type of Body

    A. Non Corporate Commonwealth Entity

  • GFS Sector Classification


  • Established By / Under

    PGPA Rule (Schedule 1)

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  • Classification

    A. Principal

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  • GFS Function / Sector Reported

    General Public Services;Other Purposes;Housing and Community Amenities;Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

  • PS Act Body

    Yes - Operate with some Independence

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  • Creation Date

    1 July 1999

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