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‘The Community Protection Board (the Board) oversees the management of persons released under the NZYQ High Court decision. The Board is led by the Australian Border Force Commissioner, and includes members from the Australian Border Force, the Department of Home Affairs, and personnel with law enforcement expertise. The Board provides informed, impartial, and evidence-based recommendations to the Minister for Immigration or the Delegate concerning the necessity (or otherwise) of visa conditions which may be required to be imposed on a person subject to a bridging visa (BVR) grant. Community safety is the Board’s highest priority.’

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    G. Non-statutory function with separate branding

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    C. Secondary non-statutory structure

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Current board appointments

Position Appointee Start Date End Date
Member Mr. Graham Ashton APM AM 19 December 2023 18 December 2024
Member Professor Mr. Peter Martin AM 19 December 2023 18 December 2024
Member Ms. Carmel Guerra OAM 19 December 2023 18 December 2024
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