Defence Services Homes Insurance Scheme

Veterans' Affairs (part of the Defence Portfolio)
Competitive home insurance, and a range of other insurances, is available to current and former ADF members (and their widow/widowers) who are eligible under the Defence Service Homes Act 1918. Defence Service Homes (DSH) Insurance is an Australian Government scheme administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The following are eligible to take out policies with Defence Service Homes Insurance: - An Australian veteran - Current or former ADF members, Reservists or Peacekeepers - Widows or widowers of any of the above DSH Insurance reduces the risk of under insurance by estimating the replacement cost of your home for you. We also include an amount to cover those extra expenses you may incur if you have to re-build such as temporary accommodation, demolition costs and extra costs related to re-building. DSHIS building insurance includes accidental damage, fusion and flood cover as standard.

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    Defence Service Homes Act 1918

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