Australian Bleeding Disorders Registry Steering Committee

Health and Aged Care
The ABDR Steering Committee has the following roles and responsibilities as part of the governance framework for the ABDR by: - providing independent oversight of the ABDR; - providing a forum for stakeholder views in relation to the ABDR to be canvassed and advised to the NBA; - providing advice to the NBA General Manager in relation to the overall governance framework for the ABDR; and - providing recommendations and advice to the NBA for the implementation and operation of the ABDR, including in the following areas outlined further below: - planning, development, and implementation; - monitoring and management of system performance; - identification and management of risk; - compliance with legislative and other governance obligations, including data privacy and security arrangements; and - other operational parameters relevant to the ABDR. The ABDR Steering Committee comprises representatives from the Australian Haemophilia Centre Directors' Organisation, the Haemophilia Foundation Australia, a state/territory health department, and the NBA.

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    D. Advisory Body - Policy and Stakeholder Consultation

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    Committee, Council, Board, Forum

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    Section 38 of the National Blood Authority Act 2003

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    B. Secondary

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    243 Northbourne Ave
    Lyneham ACT 2602

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