Employment and Workplace Relations
On Wednesday 26 July 2022, legislation was introduced to establish Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) and repeal the National Skills Commissioner Act. JSA will provide independent advice to the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations and the Minister for Skills and Training and work with our department in relation to a range of current and emerging labour market and workforce skills and training issues to improve employment opportunities for individuals and help drive economic growth. It will lead research and analysis, harness insights from industry, undertake workforce forecasting and prepare capacity studies for emerging and growing industries. This will provide a greater understanding of current, emerging and future Australian workforce skills needs to inform Australia's skills system policy and program settings. It will consider the resourcing and funding requirements for registered training organisations to deliver accessible quality VET courses which will assist students and learners and better support government's investment decisions in the sector. Legislation to establish JSA will enable its critical work to commence immediately while more extensive consultation on the permanent model for Jobs and Skills Australia occurs. Following consultation, including as part of the Jobs and Skills Summit, the Government will introduce further legislation to establish JSA's permanent functions, structure and governance arrangements. JSA will have a broader remit than the National Skills Commission and include a focus on workforce planning and developing closer partnerships with state and territory governments, unions, industry, and education providers. NSC staff have been informed of this change, with much of the existing work program to continue once JSA is established. JSA is being established as a statutory body within the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations with the same employment terms and conditions to apply. JSA is a key initiative of the government's agenda to invest in skills to drive future economic growth. More information will be shared as the legislation progresses.

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Commissioner Prof. Peter Dawkins AO 18 August 2023 29 September 2023
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