Prime Minister and Cabinet
The Tribunal determines, reports on, and advises on remuneration arrangements, including allowances and entitlements. The Tribunal has jurisdiction for federal parliamentarians, judicial and non-judicial offices of federal courts and tribunals, full-time and part-time holders of various public offices and principal executive offices. The President and 2 other members are appointed on a part-time basis by the Governor-General.

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  • Type of Body

    E. Statutory Office Holder Offices and Committees

  • Established By / Under

    Act / Regulation

  • Established By/Under More info

    Remuneration Tribunal Act 1973, section 4

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  • Max No. of Board/Committee Members


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  • Classification

    B. Secondary

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  • Postal Address

    PO Box 281
    Civic Square ACT 2608

Current board appointments

Position Appointee Start Date End Date
President Mr. Stephen Conry AM 25 March 2024 24 June 2024
Member Ms. Heather Zampatti 31 March 2022 30 March 2027
Member Mr. Stephen Conry AM 14 October 2021 13 October 2026
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