The Australian Government values the principles of diversity and inclusion with respect to the composition of Australian Government boards, and considers diversity a fundamental component of creating a fairer, more inclusive Australia.

Australian Government boards, bodies and committees cover a wide range of responsibilities, including policy advisory boards, Government Business Enterprises, and review and enquiry boards.

The Geographic Diversity of Australian Government Boards Report provides a state and territory comparison of the geographic diversity of board appointments.

Why is geographic diversity important?

The benefits of diversity to board governance and performance arise from appointing board members with different perspectives, experiences, backgrounds and lifestyles.

One of the ways that this diversity is fostered is through appointing people from metropolitan, rural and regional areas across the nation to Australian Government boards.

The information below shows the population across Australia and the number of Australian Government board appointments in each State.


Geographic diversity of Australian Government board appointments

State Population* % Total Appointments** %
NSW 7,861,068 32 872 32
VIC 6,323,606 26 575 21
QLD 4,928,457 20 373 14
SA 1,723,548 7 250 9
WA 2,580,354 10 208 8
NT 246,105 1 73 3
TAS 520,877 2 67 2
ACT 410,301 2 319 12
Australia Total    24,594,316   2,737  


*Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics as at June 2017.

**Based on Organisations and Appointments data as at 5 July 2018.