Building Ministers' Meeting

Industry, Science and Resources
The Building Ministers' Meeting (BMM) (formerly Building Ministers' Forum) is made up of Australian Government and state and territory government ministers with responsibility for building and construction. The BMM oversees policy and regulatory issues affecting Australia's building and construction industries. Details of membership, roles and responsibilities are set out in the Australian Building Codes Board Intergovernmental Agreement (ABCB IGA). The BMM's work covers three broad themes: harmonisation of building regulations and standards, collaboration on compliance and enforcement, and other policy issues affecting Australia's building and construction industries. Support for the BMM is provided by the Department of Industry, Science and Resources.

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    G. Ministerial Councils and Related Bodies including those Established by the COAG

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    Agreement / Treaty / Council Order

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    Established under an Intergovermental Agreement.

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    B. Secondary

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    10 Binara Street
    Canberra ACT 2601

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