About this site

Directory.gov.au combines three sources of information relating to organisational information under a single location.  The information is sourced from the Organisation and Appointments Register (OAR) system which contains the Australian Government Organisation Register (AGOR), government appointments meeting the requirements for Senate Order 15 tabling purposes and Directory's key contacts for the Senior Executive Service (SES) officers.

The Department of Finance is responsible for the operation and development of this website. The content on this site is maintained by updaters located in each portfolio across the Australian government, who are responsible for ensuring their Portfolios' information is current and accurate.

What can I use this site for?

Directory.gov.au is an online electronic guide to the Australian government that presents information concerning Organisations, Boards and Committees.

It includes a range of information where you can find out about the structure of government, government appointments and / or key SES contacts in each Commonwealth agency.

Your feedback

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If you have concerns about any of the published content, you may contact the relevant Portfolio Department directly or you may submit feedback via the 'Quick feedback' section.

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