Australian Rail Track Corporation Limited

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The Australian Rail Track Corporation Limited (ARTC) was created after the Commonwealth and State Governments agreed in 1997 to the formation of a 'one-stop shop" for all rail operators seeking access to the National interstate rail network. ARTC currently has responsibility for the management of over 8,500 route kilometres of standard gauge interstate track in South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. The company is responsible for delivering the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail project. ARTC also manages the Hunter Valley coal rail network, and a range of regional rail links, in various state jurisdictions. Over these corridors, ARTC is responsible for: - selling access to train operators - the development of new business - capital investment in the corridors - management of the network - the management of infrastructure maintenance


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    C. Commonwealth company

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    Commonwealth company under the Corporations Act 2001

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    A. Primary body

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    Australian Rail Track Corporation, PO Box 10343, Gouger Street, Adelaide SA 5000

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