The company is a registered private health insurer that provides tailored health insurance and complementary products to the Defence community. The company operates as a not-for-profit restricted membership health insurer. Membership includes 6-10 Directors - Members appoint all directors by an ordinary resolution, however, one person is nominated by the Chief of Army and one by the Chief of the Air Force. The remaining 4 to 7 nominees are nominated on the basis of their specific qualifications and abilities to contribute to the business of the company.

Further information

  • Type of Body

    J. Joint Ventures, Partnerships and Interests in Other Companies

  • Established By / Under

    Corporations Act 2001 / Company / Trust Deed / Partnership

  • Paid Members?


  • Max No. of Board/Committee Members


  • Annual Report Prepared and tabled?


  • Classification

    C. Other

  • Creation Date

    17 July 1987

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