Foreign Investment Review Board

The Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) is a non statutory body established in 1976 to advise the Treasurer and the Government on Australia's Foreign Investment Policy (the Policy) and its administration. The Board's functions are advisory only. The role of the Board is to examine proposed investments in Australia that are subject to the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975 (the Act) and supporting legislation and covered by the Policy, and to make recommendations to the Treasurer and other Treasury portfolio ministers on these proposals; provide advice to the Treasurer on the operation of the Policy and the Act; and foster an awareness and understanding, both in Australia and abroad, of the Policy and the Act.

Further information

  • Type of Body

    F. Non-statutory advisory structure

  • Established By / Under


  • Paid Members?


  • Max No. of Board/Committee Members


  • Annual Report Prepared and tabled?


  • Classification

    C. Secondary non-statutory structure

  • Function Categorization

    Advisory Board

  • Creation Date

  • Postal Address

    Langton Crescent
    Parkes ACT 2600

Current board appointments

Position Appointee Start Date End Date
Chair Mr. Bruce Miller AO 6 April 2022 5 April 2027
Other Mr. Chris Tinning 19 June 2023 1 January 2099
Member Ms. Kellie Benda 7 December 2023 6 December 2028
Member Ms. Linda Apelt 7 December 2023 6 December 2028
Member Mr. Steven Skala AO 18 September 2020 17 September 2025
Member Ms. Carolyn Kay 20 November 2021 19 November 2026
Member Adjunct Professor Ms. Sarah Pearson 7 December 2023 6 December 2028
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