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Privacy Notice

The Department of Finance (Finance) administers the Organisations and Appointments Register (OAR) on behalf of the Australian Government. OAR is a digital source of publicly available information on Australian Government organisations and appointments. The Directory website publishes a subset of this information to the public.

Finance’s privacy policy is available online at:

Further details about the collection of personal information for the Directory/OAR are provided below.

Who collects personal information for OAR?

Finance collects personal information for the OAR. Personal information is also collected by other Australian Government entities and uploaded to OAR by authorised users.

Personal information collected

OAR holds the following personal information about senior Australian Government personnel:

  • name
  • position title
  • work address
  • work contact details (such as email address and telephone number)


OAR also holds personal information about appointees to executive positions in the Australian Government, and appointees to Australian Government boards, including:

  • name of appointee
  • gender of appointee (in the case of board appointees)
  • position
  • term of appointment
  • remuneration, and
  • place of permanent residence (by State or Territory).


Finance also collects personal information in logs of activities performed by authorised users of OAR database, for monitoring and auditing purposes.

Why does Finance collect personal information about senior Australian Government personnel?

OAR is a digital source of publicly available information on Australian Government organisations and appointments.

Senate Order 15 requires Australian Government departments and agencies to produce a list of all appointments made by the Government to statutory authorities, executive agencies, advisory boards, government business enterprises and all other Commonwealth bodies, three times per year. That list must be tabled before the Senate.

The Australian Government has committed to a gender diversity target of women holding 50 per cent of Australian Government Board positions overall, and women and men each holding at least 40 per cent of positions at the individual board level.

Collection of personal information OAR enables Finance to comply with Senate Order 15 on behalf of the Australian Government. OAR also provides publicly available information on the current composition of Australian Government Boards, in relation to the Government's gender diversity target.

Who will Finance disclose personal information to?

Some personal information collected for OAR is disclosed on the Directory website, including:

  • name
  • position
  • contact details
  • start date and end date of appointment (of board appointees)


Additional information collected for OAR, including information relating to remuneration is limited to authorised personnel within Australian Government entities who are responsible for managing the database or the relevant policies relating to the collection of this information. 

Personal information is disclosed to the Parliament as required by Senate Order 15.

Access to and correction of your personal information

Finance’s privacy policy contains information about how you may access and seek correction of personal information about you that is held by Finance. If your position is outside Finance's portfolio, Finance will liaise with the relevant Australian Government entity to verify your identity and to consult in relation to any requests for correction of your personal information.

Privacy complaints

Finance’s privacy policy contains information about how you may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles and how Finance will deal with your complaint.

Overseas disclosure of your personal information

Personal information that is held in the OAR database is stored in secure servers located in Japan. Access to the information is restricted to authorised users.

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