List of boards and other structures

Find contact and location details for Australian Government boards and other entities.
Canberra National Memorials Committee
Cancer Australia (Board)
Cancer Australia Advisory Council
Cape Otway Trust
Carbon Net Intergovernmental Steering Committee
Cardiovascular Expert Clinical Advisory Group
Carpentaria Shipping Trust Australia
CDC Nominees (McArthur River Shipping) Pty Limited
CDC Nominees (TCTP) Pty Limited
CEFC Investments Pty Ltd
Central Land Council (Board)
Centre for Australia-India Relations (CAIR)
Chief Executive Centrelink
Chief Executive Medicare
Chief Health Officer Mental Health Expert Advisory Group
Chief Judge Advocate
Chief of the Defence Force
Chief Scientist
Child Support National Stakeholder Engagement Group
Child Support Registrar
Child Welfare Officer
Chinese Medicine Board of Australia
Chiropractic Board of Australia
Christmas Island Emergency Management Committee
Christmas Island Strategic Assessment Reference Group
Cities Reference Group
Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Board)
Classification Board
Classification Review Board
Clean Energy Finance Corporation (Board)
Clean Energy Investment Management Pty Ltd
Clean Energy Regulator (Board)
Climate Change and Conference of Parties (COP) 28 Youth Advisory Group
Climate Change Authority (Board)
Clinical Governance Committee
Clinical Trials Jurisdictional Working Group
Clocktower FF LP
ClockTower MRFF LP
Clocktower Technologies FF LP
Clocktower Technologies Opportunities I LP
Co-Investment Fund (Parallel) LP (formerly BlackRock Co-Investment Fund III (Parallel) L.P.)
COAG Industry and Skills Council
Coal Mining Industry (Long Service Leave Funding) Corporation (Board)
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Emergency Management Committee
Columbia Capital Equity Partners VII (NON-US) LP
Columbia Capital Opportunities Fund I-B, LP
Commemorations Grants Advisory Committee
Commercial Building Disclosure Forum
Commission for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)
Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder
Commonwealth Environmental Water Office
Commonwealth Grants Commission (Board)
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (Board)
Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (Board)
Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme
Commonwealth, State and Territory Committee
Communicable Diseases Network Australia
Communications Sector Group
Community Broadcasting Foundation Limited
Community Protection Board
Companies Auditors Disciplinary Board
Competition Expert Advisory Panel
Computer Emergency Response Team Australia
Connection Media Pty Ltd
Constitutional Expert Group
Consultation Steering Group
Consumer Advisory Panel
Consumer Consultative Forum
Contact Peaker Australia Pty Ltd
Copyright Advisory Group
Copyright Tribunal of Australia
Coral Sea Marine Park Advisory Committee
Cotton Research and Development Corporation (Board)
Cotton Research and Development Corporation Selection Committee
Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR)
Council for International Education
Council for the Order of Australia
Council of Elders
Council of Financial Regulators
Council on Australia Latin America Relations (COALAR)
Council on Federal Financial Relations
CP Venture I, LP
Crace Developments - Investments in Associates
Creative Workplaces Council
Critical Minerals Independent Technical Panel
CSIRO Custodial Services Pty Ltd
CSIRO Financial Services Pty Ltd
CSIRO Follow-on Sponsor Trust
CSIRO FollowOn Services 2 Pty Ltd
CSIRO FollowOn Services Pty Ltd
CSIRO Fund of Funds, LP (an AFOF)
CSIRO General Partner 2 Pty Ltd
CSIRO General Partner Pty Ltd
CSIRO Innovation Coinvestment Fund
CSIRO Innovation Coinvestment Services Pty Ltd
CSIRO Innovation Follow-on Fund 1 (a Managed Investment Trust)
CSIRO Innovation Follow-on Fund 2 (a Managed Investment Trust)
CSIRO Innovation Fund 1, LP (an ESVCLP)
CSIRO Innovation Fund 2 Discretionary Trust
CSIRO Innovation Fund 2, LP (an ESVCLP)
CSIRO Innovation Fund Discretionary Trust
CSIRO Innovation Holding Trust
CSIRO Innovation Services Pty Ltd
CSIRO Innovations LLC
CSIRO Management Partnership 2, LP
CSIRO Management Partnership, LP
CSIROGP Fund 2 Pty Ltd
Customs Advisory Board
Cyber Security Strategy Expert Advisory Boards