List of boards and other structures

Find contact and location details for Australian Government boards and other entities.
Macro Themes Investors (Cayman) Ltd
Magdalena Investors (Cayman), Ltd
Man Opal Fund Limited
Maralinga Land and Environment Management Committee
Mardarne No 1 Trust
Mardarne Pty. Ltd.
Marine National Facility National Benefit Assessment Panel
Marine National Facility Scientific Advisory Committee
Marine National Facility Steering Committee (MNFSC)
Marine National Facility Supplementary Scheduling Committee
Marine Pest Sectoral Committee
Maritime Security Identification Card Issuing Bodies
Marlba Maya Pty Ltd
Meat and Livestock Australia Limited
MediaHub Australia Pty Ltd
Medical Board of Australia
Medical Devices and Human Tissue Advisory Committee (MDHTAC)
Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia
Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Childhood Mental Health Research
Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19
Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Targeted Translation Research Accelerator Plan Expert Advisory Panel
Medical Services Advisory Committee
Medical Workforce Reform Advisory Committee
Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Advisory Committee (MRAC)
Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Taskforce
Medicare Participation Review Committee
Meeting of Attorneys-General
Melbourne Holdings 1, L.P.
Melbourne Holdings 2, L.P.
Melbourne Holdings 8, L.P.
Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Youth Advisory Group
Metropolitan Fund L.P.
Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission
Military Superannuation and Benefits Scheme
Minchinbury No. 1 Trust
Minchinbury No. 2 Trust
Ministerial Advisory Committee on Blood Borne Viruses and Sexually Transmissible Infections
Ministerial Advisory Council on Skilled Migration
Modern Slavery Expert Advisory Group
Moorebank Intermodal Development Investment Nominees Pty Ltd
Moorebank Intermodal Development Rail Nominees Pty Ltd
Moorebank Precinct Nominees Pty Ltd
Motive Acacia Co-Investment LP
Motive InvestCloud Co-Investment LP
Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Information Scheme Adviser
Motor Vehicle Standards Review Panel
MRFF Investment Company No.1 Pty Ltd
MRFF Investment Company No.2 Pty Ltd
MRFF Primary Health Research Plan Expert Advisory Panel
Mungo Lodge Holdings Pty Limited
Murray-Darling Basin Authority (Board)
Murray-Darling Basin Community Committee
Murray-Darling Basin Ministerial Council
Music Australia Council