The Public Service Commissioner is the statutory officer responsible for the majority of people management matters in the Australian Public Service, with particular statutory responsibilities for the Senior Executive Service, the evaluation of the extent to which Agencies incorporate and uphold the APS Values and have systems in place for ensuring compliance with the Code of Conduct, the State of the Service Report, leadership in the APS, management development programs for the SES and for other managers and APS staff, and workplace diversity. The Public Service Commissioner's function also includes inquiring into certain alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct. In addition, the Public Service Commissioner has a range of policy responsibilities for human resource management in the APS. This includes policy for recruitment, probation, promotion, mobility, performance management, retrenchment, termination, administrative re-arrangements, outsourcing and human resource development. The Australian Public Service Commission supports the Public Service Commissioner. The Merit Protection Commissioner is an independent officer established under the Public Service Act located within the Commission. The role of the Merit Protection Commissioner is to provide independent external review of actions affecting public servants in their employment, including actions related to breaches of the APS Code of Conduct.

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