National Relay Service

If you are d/Deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech/communication difficulty please contact us by: Step 1: Contact us through your preferred NRS call channel detailed on NRS call numbers and links. Step 2: Provide the NRS with our phone number 131 881. Organisations and/or Businesses do not need to be registered to use the NRS; only users are required to register which enables them to use any of the NRS call channels. If you know anyone who could benefit using the NRS; they can register via the NRS App or by texting our Helpdesk 0416 001 350 for assistance. Individual users need to be registered with the NRS. Your staff can call the NRS Helpdesk on 1800 555 660 to confirm individual users’ registration by simply providing the client’s phone number. To better support your staff in navigating NRS calls, please find attached the following resources which we encourage you to share or incorporate into organisational training programs: • Using the National Relay Service PDF • NRS Privacy Policy PDF • A Call Through the National Relay Service for Businesses PDF Please contact Claire Rennie, Community Engagement Officer for any additional support via email:
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