Tax Analysis Division

Tax Analysis Division (TAD) works with some of the biggest administrative data sets in the country to ensure Treasury’s policy advice is informed by the best available data and modelling techniques. We bring together a diverse range of skills to inform our work - economists, lawyers, accountants, mathematicians, actuaries, scientists, and statisticians to name a few. We are responsible for providing high quality quantitative and distributional analysis, forecasts and robust costings to support informed decisions on the tax system, superannuation and retirement incomes, migration, and social policy. We also prepare the revenue sections of Budget publications, work with colleagues across Revenue and Fiscal Groups to evaluate policy options and outcomes and lead the Department’s work in publishing the Tax Benchmarks and Variations Statement each year. To do this we build and maintain sophisticated models like MARIA, our dynamic microsimulation model of Australia’s retirement income system and CAPITA, our model of the personal income tax and transfer system and FIONA to estimate the lifetime fiscal and economic impacts of migration. Our substantial pieces of work are done by project teams staffed from across the Division,. Staff also belong to one of three Branches centred on one part of the tax system.


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