Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy Division

Macroeconomic Modelling and Policy Division (MMPD) contributes to the development of sound government policy through thorough forward-looking economic analysis and policy research. The Division`s policy and modelling units work collaboratively with other areas of Treasury to provide qualitative and quantitative advice to Treasury ministers and other relevant stakeholders. This advice covers a range of macroeconomic issues which are likely to influence Australia`s medium- to long-term economic performance and living standards, including fiscal and monetary policy, macro-financial risks and factors, external shocks, and the determinants of economic growth - population growth, labor force participation, average hours worked and labor productivity. For example, MMPD is responsible for the economy-wide analysis of major taxes for the Tax White Paper. The Division comprises of four units: Fiscal Policy Analysis Unit (FPAU), Macro-Sector Analysis Unit (MSAU), Macro-Financial Unit (MFU), and Modelling Strategy and Development Unit (MSDU).


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