Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts
RDA is a national network of Committees who help to drive economic growth, innovation and entrepreneurship in regions through facilitating investment in community, industry and the environment. RDAs assist to bridge the regional development gaps in regions by working with a broad range of stakeholders across sectors and supporting the delivery of identified Australian Government strategic priorities. Under their Charter, RDA Committees: - focus their activities and strategy on delivery of the RIF in their region, including investment in people, places, services, and industries and local economies - support regional stakeholders, including local government and the not-for-profit-sector, to seek grant opportunities that advance strategic regional priorities - support decarbonisation efforts and the transformation to a net zero economy and enable regional linkages between sectors to achieve these aims - build the evidence for economic development, including innovation and diversification strategies - facilitate meaningful engagement across the three levels of government to ensure investments deliver better outcomes for regions, and - contribute relevant data and local intelligence to support the evidence base to inform regional development strategies, program design and policy responses. - collaborate with integrity, transparency, respect and accountability - engage with diverse communities, especially First Nations people - support the Government’s ambition of ‘no one held back and no one left behind’, and - support gender equality opportunities in their regions.

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    J. Inter-jurisdictional and international bodies

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    Agreement / Treaty / Council Order

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    Funding Agreement

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    Yes, but not tabled

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    D. Other governance relationship

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    Private Sector

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    Advisory Board

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    137 Adelaide Road
    Murray Bridge SA 5253

Current board appointments

Position Appointee Start Date End Date
Chair Ms. Jodie Hawkes 1 January 2021 30 June 2025
Deputy Chair VACANT
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