Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics (BITRE)

BITRE provides economic analysis, research and statistics on infrastructure, transport, regional development and local government issues to inform both Australian Government policy development amd wider community understanding. BITRE holds unique aviation, maritime and rail transport data collections which are made available in a number of publications series. BITRE also publishes the results of individual research projects. Most publications are made available in the BITRE website. BITRE's research program includes the following areas or work: the long term outlook for the transport task; infrastucture delivery performance; rail, road and air transport reform; urban transport; transport environmental, safety and security impacts; climate change and transport; and regional economic development - patterns, causes and effects. BITRE employs nearly 40 staff, comprimising economists, statisticians, modellers, social researchers and policy analysts. The then Bureau of Transport Economics was established by Cabinet in 1970 within the then Department of Shipping and Transport. Its role was to gather and analyse information about the transport industry, broad trends and problems in the provision and coordination of transport services. Today this role extends to analysis of trends and issues relating to infrastructure, cities, regional and development and local government.

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