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The Classification Board is an independent statutory authority established under the National Classification Scheme, a legislated co-operative arrangement created 1 January 1996 between the Australian, state and territory governments that provides a national approach to classification. The board is responsible for classification decisions concerning films, computer games and publications. Principles for decision-making are set out in the National Classification Code. Separate guidelines for the classification of films, computer games and publications are established under the Scheme. The board comprises of a director, a deputy director, other board members and temporary board members.

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  • Type of Body

    E. Statutory Office Holder Offices and Committees

  • Established By / Under

    Act / Regulation

  • Established By/Under More info

    Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995

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  • Max No. of Board/Committee Members


  • Annual Report Prepared and tabled?


  • Classification

    B. Secondary

  • Function Categorization

    Regulatory / Review / Inquiry / Commission

  • Creation Date

    1 January 1996

Current board appointments

Position Appointee Start Date End Date
Chair Ms. Sally Ryan 25 July 2020 20 June 2021
Deputy Chair Ms. Alison Bickerstaff 21 March 2021 24 July 2021
Member VACANT    
Member Ms. Rachel Merton 4 April 2019 3 April 2022
Member Mr. Thomas Mann 4 April 2019 3 April 2022
Member Ms. Ellenor Nixon 4 April 2019 3 April 2022
Member VACANT    
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