Director of Human Biosecurity

Health and Aged Care
The Director of Human Biosecurity is the person who occupies, or is acting in, the position of Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer. This position ensures that the functions and powers of the Director, which can be intrusive, are vested in an individual with appropriate competencies to make decisions concerning the: • affording of general protection for children or incapable persons who are subjected to a biosecurity measure; • the listing of human diseases considered to be communicable and cause significant harm to human health; • preventing risks to human health by issuing Entry and Exit requirements for: individuals, classes of individuals; and specifying specific and general requirements in relation to listed human diseases; • determining human health response zones to which entry and exit requirements may also apply; • managing the risks to human health through the issuance of human biosecurity control orders and compliance directions; and • allowing and where required specify the requirements for how the human remains are to be brought into Australia.

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    E. Statutory office holder, offices and committees

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    Biosecurity Act 2015

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    B. Secondary statutory structure

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