Cardiovascular Expert Clinical Advisory Group

Health and Aged Care
The Prescribed List (PL) of Benefits for Medical Devices and Human Tissue Products Expert Clinical Advisory Groups (ECAGs) are sub-committees of the Medical Devices and Human Tissue Advisory Committee (MDHTAC). The primary role of the ECAGs is to assess the comparative clinical effectiveness of medical devices and human tissue products (products) in the context of their functionality, design characteristics, specifications, and intended use, indications and patient populations, being considered for listing or listed on the PL. Assessments by an ECAG inform advice to the MDHTAC, the Department of Health and Aged Care, and the Minister for Health and Aged Care, on the suitability of the products for listing on the PL, or for amending the details of the existing billing codes (on the PL), or for any post-listing activities as required.

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    F. Non-statutory advisory structure

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    C. Secondary non-statutory structure

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Current board appointments

Position Appointee Start Date End Date
Chair Associate Professor Glenn Young 1 July 2023 30 June 2025
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