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The Australian Government has agreed to establish an Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports (IGLAE) in response to Recommendation 15 of the Review of the Regulatory Capability and Culture of the Department of Agriculture [and Water Resources] in the Regulation of Live Animal Exports (Moss Review). Until legislation was passed by the Parliament to establish the statutory position of IGLAE, an Interim Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports was engaged to undertake the function. The main function of the IGLAE is to review the conduct of livestock export officials in relation to the export of livestock, provide recommendations for overall system improvements and report to the Minister for Agriculture on all reviews conducted. The IGLAE will also do anything incidental to or conducive to the performance of the above functions. The Minister for Agriculture may at times, in writing, request the IGLAE to conduct a review which the IGLAE may include in his/her annual work plan. However, the IGLAE will not be subject to direction by the Minister in relation to the inclusion of a topic in the annual work plan, or in the way in which a particular review is conducted, or the priority given to any particular review. The IGLAE will promote continual improvements in the regulatory practice, performance and culture of the Department of Agriculture in its role as the regulator of livestock exports, and provide an additional layer of accountability and assurance over the regulation of Australia’s livestock exports.

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    F. Non Statutory - Function w Separate Branding

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    Position holder engaged under service contract by the department

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    B. Secondary

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    18 March 2019

Current single executive appointments

Position Appointee Start Date End Date
Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports Mr. Ross Carter 11 December 2019 10 December 2020
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