Bass Strait Central Zone Scallop Fishery Management Advisory Committee

Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
The Bass Strait Central Zone Scallop Fishery Management Advisory Committee (Scallop MAC) is the principle forum in which issues relating to the management of scallops in the bass Strait under the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth. Management Advisory Committees (MACs) are a major source of advice to AFMA, reflecting the experience and expertise of the range of stakeholders with interest in the fishery or fisheries covered by the MAC. MACs play a vital role in helping AFMA to fulfil its legislative functions and effectively pursue its objectives by acting as the main advisory body and link between AFMA and those with an interest in the fishery. MACs also provide advice to AFMA on a variety of issues including fisheries management arrangements, research, compliance and management costs. In general, MACs provide a forum where issues relating to a fishery are discussed, problems identified and possible solutions developed. The outcomes of these deliberations determine the recommendations that the MAC will make to the AFMA Commission. Generally, MACs are made up of members from commercial industry, fisheries management, the scientific community, the recreational fishing sector, the environment/conservation sector and, in some instances, the state governments. A typical MAC consists of an independent chairperson, an AFMA member, a research member, up to four industry members, a recreational fishing member and an environment/conservation member. Each MAC has an executive officer responsible to the chairperson. Members are generally appointed for terms of up to three years.

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  • Type of Body

    F. Non-statutory advisory structure

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    Act / Regulation

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    Fisheries Administration Act 1991

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    C. Secondary non-statutory structure

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    Level 6, 73 Northbourne Ave
    Civic ACT 2600

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