Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities
One of 55 Regional Development Australia committees established Australia-wide. Regional Development Australia (RDA) is a nationwide initiative of the Commonwealth Government. RDA aims to work with State and Local Government to boost the economic capability of their region, improving productivity and promoting activities and investments that unlock economic growth. Key functions include: • maintain a regional plan and advise on priorities for economic development; • act as a two-way conduit providing advice to and from the Australian Government; • assist local community stakeholders to develop project proposals and help shepherd them to appropriate public and/or private funding sources; • promote Government programs, policies and initiatives; and • establish links and co-operative alliances by working with regional communities, other regional development organisations including neighbouring RDA committees, businesses, industry and local governments to promote regional development.

Further information

  • Type of Body

    H. Inter Jurisdictional and International Bodies

  • Established By / Under

    Agreement / Treaty / Council Order

  • Established By/Under More info

    Memorandums of Understanding between the Australian Government and each state and territory government

  • Paid Members?


  • Max No. of Board/Committee Members


  • Annual Report Prepared and tabled?

    Yes, but not tabled

  • Classification

    B. Secondary

  • Auditor


  • Auditor Other

    Private Sector

  • Function Categorization

    Advisory Board

  • Creation Date

    1 July 2009

Current board appointments

Position Appointee Start Date End Date
Chair VACANT    
Deputy Chair VACANT    
Member Mrs. Anne Maddern 21 August 2015 30 June 2018
Member Ms. Stephanie Whitaker 7 March 2017 6 March 2020
Member Mr. Kerren Smith 7 March 2017 6 March 2020
Member Mr. Michael Curran 12 October 2016 12 October 2019
Member Mrs. Janelle Gerry 1 March 2015 28 February 2018
Member Mrs. Georgie Somerset 1 March 2015 28 February 2018
Member Ms. Kirsti Kee 1 March 2015 28 February 2018
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