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The CRC Advisory Committee was established under the Innovation Australia Board to implement the recommendations of the CRC Programme review and provide advice to the Minister on the CRC Programme. The Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Advisory Committee may consists of up to seven members:- an independent Chair, three other independent members appointed by the Minister of Industry and Science for a period of up to five years and an ex-officio member. Committee Members are drawn from industry, research and Australian Government departments and agencies responsible for innovation and research. Committee members are selected to ensure the CRC Advisory Committee has a broad range of expertise relevant to the needs of the programme in research, education, utilisation, research management, industry and other end users.

Further information

  • Type of Body

    D. Advisory Body - Policy and Stakeholder Consultation

  • Established By / Under

    Principal Body / Management Board / Senior Executive Officer

  • Paid Members?


  • Max No. of Board/Committee Members


  • Classification

    B. Secondary

  • Function Categorization

    Advisory Board

  • Creation Date

    1 July 2015

Current board appointments

Position Appointee Start Date End Date
Chair Mr. Philip Clark AM 18 June 2015 17 June 2018
Other Ms. Sue Weston 9 May 2016 Determined by the appointer
Member Dr. Michele Allan 18 June 2015 17 June 2018
Member Ms. Kylie Sproston 20 October 2016 19 October 2019
Member Prof. Christobel Saunders 20 October 2016 19 October 2019
Member VACANT    
Member Mr. Doug Stuart 17 May 2017 15 May 2020
Member Prof. Ian Chubb AC 18 June 2015 17 June 2018
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