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Gene Shears Pty Ltd is a JV company established by the CPI. JV between CSIRO and Limagrain Pacific Pty Ltd. This company was set up in 1989 within the CSIRO as an incorporated joint venture between CSIRO and Groupe Limagrain Pacific Pty Ltd (later joined by Johnson and Johnson). The joint venture related to research in the ribozyme area. The "gene shears" breakthrough stemmed from basic research by two CSIRO scientists in 1983/84 into the molecular structure of a parasite of a plant virus. This led to the discovery of certain ribozymes that could be used to target and cut specific RNA molecules with potential applications in crop, horticulture and pasture plants.

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    J. Joint Ventures, Partnerships and Interests in Other Companies

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    C. Other

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    MCS Audit Pty Ltd

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    27 June 1989

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