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On 9 May 2017, the Government announced through the 2017-18 Budget measure titled Maintaining Australia's Optical Astronomy Capability - the Australian Astronomical Observatory will cease 1 July 2018. The Australian Astronomical Observatory (Transition) Bill 2018 was tabled in parliament 28 March 2018.
The Australian Astronomical Observatory, a division of the Department of Industry and Science, operates the Anglo-Australian and UK Schmidt telescopes on behalf of the astronomical community of Australia. To this end the Observatory is part of and is funded by the Australian Government. Its function is to provide world-class observing facilities for Australian optical astronomers. Statement of Purpose: The Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) provides world-class optical and infrared observing facilities enabling Australian astronomers to do excellent science. The AAO is a world leader in astronomical research and in the development of innovative telescope instrumentation. It also takes a leading role in the formulation of long-term plans for astronomy in Australia.

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    E. Statutory Office Holder Offices and Committees

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    Australian Astronomical Observatory Act 2010

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    1 July 2010

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