The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has engaged Alzheimer's Australia as a service provider to establish and operate the NHMRC National Institute for Dementia Research (the Institute). The Institute is targeting, coordinating, and translating the national dementia research effort to ensure existing and new research translates into better understanding of dementia, and better treatment and care for dementia patients. The Institute is led by a Director, supported by a small secretariat, an expert advisory panel and a membership network. The Institute is not an independent body. It will report to the NHMRC's CEO and be subject to the existing governance arrangements of the NHMRC.

Further information

  • Type of Body

    D. Advisory Body - Policy and Stakeholder Consultation

  • Established By / Under

    Principal Body / Management Board / Senior Executive Officer

  • Classification

    B. Secondary

  • Creation Date

    29 June 2015

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