The Jurisdictional Blood Committee (JBC) Platelets and CMV Seronegative Working Group is established as the national advisory body to support the Jurisdictional Blood Committee (JBC) and National Blood Authority (NBA) in relation to the appropriate use and indications of apheresis versus whole blood platelets and CMV seronegative blood components. There is currently significant variability in clinical practice and associated costs between jurisdictions based on issues. The Working Group provides clinical advice in the development of a national statement to determine specific clinical indications for apheresis and whole blood platelets and CMV seronegative blood components. The Working Group consists of eight members comprised of a Chair and individuals who have expertise in the specified clinical areas relating to the platelets and CMV seronegative blood components to provide advice to the NBA and Jurisdictional Blood Committee.

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    G. Ministerial Councils and Related Bodies including those Established by the COAG

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    Committee, Council, Board, Forum

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    Jurisdictional Blood Committee

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    B. Secondary

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    7 February 2014

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