The Council's functions are: - to consider requirements for the advertising of therapeutic goods and changes to the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code, to accept submissions for this purpose, and to advise the Minister accordingly; - to make recommendations to the Minister for achieving greater uniformity in approval processes and standards for advertising therapeutic goods in specified media and broadcast media; - to make recommendations to the Minister about requests for review of a decision of the Secretary under Therapeutic Goods Regulation 5G; - to consider matters raised at Council meetings by Council members or observers to the Council and advise the Minister accordingly; - to advise the Minister on any matter referred to the Council by the Minister or Secretary of the Department of Health; and - any other function conferred on the Council by the Therapeutic Goods Regulations 1990.

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  • Type of Body

    E. Statutory Office Holder Offices and Committees

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    Act / Regulation

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    Therapeutic Goods Regulations 1990 42A

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  • Classification

    B. Secondary

  • Creation Date

    30 June 1998

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