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Independent Evaluation Committee

Foreign Affairs and Trade
The Independent Evaluation Committee (IEC) was established in mid-2012 to strengthen the independence and credibility of the work of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's Office of Development Effectiveness (ODE). Its key objective is to improve the quality of evaluations of Australia's aid program by enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of Australian aid. The IEC is an advisory body with a whole of government mandate. It provides independent expert evaluation advice to improve ODE's work in planning, commissioning, managing and delivering a high quality evaluation program. The IEC provides advice on ODE's evaluation strategy and work plan, and oversees ODE's preparation of an annual evaluation summary and quality assurance report. The IEC meets three times a year. It has three external members (including the chair) and one senior Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade representative. The Minister for Foreign Affairs appoints its external members. Given the IEC's whole of government mandate, a representative from the Department of Finance is invited to attend meetings as an observer. The current IEC external members contribute a mix of solid international development and aid effectiveness experience, high-level evaluation expertise and strong public sector experience to the Committee.

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    D. Advisory Body - Policy and Stakeholder Consultation

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    B. Secondary

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    Advisory Board

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    R G Casey Building John McEwan Crescent
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