Strategic Review of the Australian Apprenticeship Incentive System

Employment and Workplace Relations
The Australian Government is undertaking a review of the Australian Apprenticeship Incentive System (Incentive System). The Incentive System provides financial support to apprentices, trainees and employers working in priority industries. It is intended to encourage people to start an apprenticeship or traineeship and see it through to completion. This is to ensure Australia has workers with the trade and technical skills needed by industry, providing a secure, well-paid work and career advancement. Apprenticeship completion rates have been in steady decline over several years. The review is looking into how support can best be placed to increase the completion rate.

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    F. Non-statutory advisory structure

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    C. Secondary non-statutory structure

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Current single executive appointments

Position Appointee Start Date End Date
Lead Reviewer Dr. Iain Ross AO 13 February 2024 4 October 2024
Lead Reviewer Ms. Lisa Paul AO, PSM 9 February 2024 4 October 2024
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