Communications and the Arts
The purpose of the Department of Communications is to promote an innovative and competitive communications sector, through policy development, advice and programme delivery, so all Australians can realise the full potential of digital technologies and communications services. The Department of Communications is responsible for 3 strategic priorities important for the growth and development of Australia: enhancing digital productivity, expanding digital infrastructure and promoting efficient communications markets. - Enhancing digital productivity: Rapid technological change is transforming the economy, with significant implications for productivity, competition and innovation. The speed and success with which certain sectors, and the economy as a whole, can adopt these technologies is of increasing importance to our national prosperity. We play a critical role in advising Government on opportunities arising from the innovative adoption and use of digital technologies. - Expanding digital infrastructure: Australia's economy and security increasingly relies on the availability and integrity of digital infrastructure, communications networks and systems. We advise Government on the necessary market settings to deliver competitive and efficient digital infrastructure to drive growth in the broader economy. - Promoting efficient communications markets: For Australians to fully benefit from communications, broadcasting, media and other services the markets that supply these services must be trusted and operate efficiently. We advise Government on the necessary market settings to promote competition, while ensuring access to basic services, making available socially valuable content, and safeguarding consumers from inappropriate content and unfair dealing.

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    A. Non Corporate Commonwealth Entity

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    Constitution and Administrative Arrangement Orders

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    A. Principal

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    Transport and Communication;Recreation and Culture

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    Yes - Department

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    3 December 2007

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    GPO Box 2154, Canberra ACT 2601

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