The Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN) is an online reporting tool, which provides access to general education advice, and refers reports to law enforcement and government agencies for further consideration and investigation, where appropriate. The ACORN: - reduces confusion around how and where to report cybercrime - provides a national picture of cybercrime and how it is affecting Australians - streamlines the process of referring cybercrime reports between law enforcement and other relevant government agencies - provides a central point for advice on avoiding cybercrime. The ACORN steering committee: - is responsible for strategic decision-making regarding the ACORN's operation (including funding or support) and currently includes executive level membership from CrimTrac, AGD, ACC, a user-agency representative and a representative of the ACORN Joint Management Group (JMG). AGD chairs this body.

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    H. Inter Jurisdictional and International Bodies

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    National Plan to Combat Cybercrime

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    B. Secondary

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    1 July 2013

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