The Forestry Branch provides advice to the minister on matters associated with forestry in Australia and the region. Guided by the 1992 National Forest Policy Statement, the branch has the aim of fostering a sustainable, productive, profitable and internationally competitive Australian forest and forest products industry. To deliver on forestry policy matters, the Forestry Branch works with state and territory governments and the forest industry. The Forestry Branch is also responsible for representing Australia in international efforts to foster the sustainable management of forests globally. The Forestry Branch is engaged in a number of high-level initiatives and forums that deal with issues related to illegal logging, forest certification, sustainable forest management and market access. The Forestry Branch focuses on: •monitoring, reviewing and extending Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs), which aim to achieve a balance between conservation and production in native forests •developing and implementing policies and programmes that ensure forests are managed sustainably in Australia and in our region •bilateral engagement with regional trading partners to support market access for forest products and promote an open forestry dialogue •providing strategic policy advice to the government in relation to the implementation of Australia’s illegal logging regulatory framework •implementing and coordinating the delivery of a $1.5 million mechanical fuel load reduction trial as a bushfire mitigation measure under the National Bushfire Mitigation Programme •implementing the $4 million commitment to establish a National Institute for Forest Products Innovation •supporting the Forest Industry Advisory Council •supporting meetings of forestry ministers.

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