The Fisheries Branch develops policy and prepares advice on matters related to the environmental impact of fishing activities such as bycatch/non-target species (including seals, sharks and seabirds), national recreational fishing issues and the management of commercial fish species, industry development issues, and specific fishery concerns. The branch also provides advice on stock management issues and the development of aquaculture in Australia. The branch is responsible for governance and policy advice relating to Australian fisheries, including legislative amendments, research and development, fisheries management and regulation as well as policy support and initiatives to combat illegal foreign fishing in Australian waters and neighbouring regions. Under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, Australia is obliged to cooperate to conserve and manage highly migratory, straddling and shared fisheries resources, such as tuna and orange roughy. By actively participating, Australia is able to influence, and if necessary, prevent decisions that can apply to a fishery or area that is within Australia’s sovereign jurisdiction, or that may affect Australian fishing operations on the high seas. The branch is also responsible for working with other agencies including the Australian Fisheries Management Authority; the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and international organisations to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. The Fisheries Branch focuses on: • Commonwealth and national fisheries management, including aquaculture • developing and implementing policy and programmes that ensure our oceans, fresh water and agricultural land is managed sustainably • managing domestic and international fish policy, recreational fishing, bycatch policy fisheries regulation and governance • managing responsibility for Australia’s whole of government policy on regional and international fisheries management organisations and issues • working with stakeholders and other Australian government agencies to develop Australia's negotiating position and represent Australia at international fisheries meetings.

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