The Biotechnology, Dairy & Levies Policy branch is comprised of the following sections: •Research and Development (R&D) for Profit Program •Levies Policy •Biotechnology, Dairy & Competition. The R&D for Profit Program section delivers grants to RDCs for nationally coordinated, strategic research that aims to improve on-farm productivity and profitability. The Levies Policy section provides policy advice to government on R&D and marketing levy proposals from agricultural industries. The section is also reviewing levies legislation and policy to improve its operation, in consultation with industry stakeholders. The Biotechnology, Dairy & Competition section provides policy advice to government on the dairy industry, biotechnology (including the Plant Genetic Resources Treaty) and competition in agriculture. Competition issues include unfair contract terms, misuse of market power, the Unit Pricing Code, the Food and Grocery Code of Conduct and engagement with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on such matters. The section also liaises with Dairy Australia.

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