The newly established Climate Adaptation and Resilience Division leads the national effort to build Australia’s resilience and adapt to climate change. We represent a crosscutting enabler for the Department. We develop and deliver long-term policy solutions for Australia’s agricultural sector, water resources and the environment. We do this by coordinating the delivery of big data, world-leading science and advanced analytics to drive program development. The Climate Adaptation and Services Branch coordinates the national response to climate adaptation and other long-term pressures on the environment. We are responsible for national climate adaptation policy including coordination across government and with states and territories. This requires developing approaches to plan for future climate with science backed scenarios, services and tools. We manage the National Environmental Science Program, facilitating partnerships of environmental scientists, traditional owners, land managers and business to achieve practical outcomes to benefit our environment. We also deliver the national State of Environment Report with leading scientists and Indigenous experts to provide a strategic view to shaping policy and action; and Australian input to international climate adaptation reporting and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change The Natural Capital and Markets Branch develops market, investment and information-based solutions to increase the resilience of the environment and agriculture sectors to climate change and natural capital degradation. We manage the Agriculture Stewardship Program and the development of national environmental-economic accounts, provide Commonwealth leadership in the coordinated national approach and work program on agriculture and climate change, and provide Australian input to related international initiatives. We are the Department’s focal point for the development of new financing and innovative investment models for natural capital.
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