Compliance Testing and Intervention is responsible for delivering intelligence and analytic based compliance interventions, responses and testing of departmental regulatory controls to detect, disrupt and deter threats and vulnerabilities created by trade, travel and associated service industries. The branch consists of five sections: Non-compliance Assessment and Response is responsible for the collection, management and response coordination of identified instances of non-compliance across cargo, travellers, mail and related service providers. Non-compliance Assessment and Response is concerned with pre-border, at the border, and post-border non-compliance, including illegal logging. Compliance Analysis and Testing is responsible for intelligence products that support decision making and provide insight into non-compliant entities and behaviours across the Biosecurity Group’s areas of responsibility. The Control Testing unit is responsible for control assessment and evaluation across the Biosecurity system with the intent of identifying singular and systemic threats and vulnerabilities. The section also undertakes non-compliance analytic activities to inform and support profiling, targeting and non-compliance response activities. Profiling and Targeting is responsible for the development, deployment, coordination and management of biosecurity and imported food profiles and targeted regulatory interventions to identify, test, validate or refute potential threats and vulnerabilities to the department’s regulatory model. Biosecurity Education and Awareness is responsible for targeted compliance focused education and awareness activities aimed at improving base-level compliance and reducing inadvertent and opportunistic non-compliance across cargo, travellers, mail and related service providers.

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