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ACRRP has been established as an independent panel to undertake a first principles review of the regulatory framework underpinning the National Registration Scheme for Agricultural Chemicals and Veterinary Chemicals (agvet chemicals). The review will examine the framework’s aims, structure and operation, and make recommendations to ensure that it is contemporary, fit for purpose and reduces unnecessary red tape. In undertaking the review, the ACRRP will: (a) assess the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of the regulatory framework underpinning the operations of the National Registration Scheme; (b) consider what the goals of Australian agvet chemical regulation should be; (c) consider the current and future requirements of Australia’s regulatory framework for agvet chemicals; and (d) provide recommendations for reform of the regulatory framework to increase value of agriculture. The ACRRP will have regard to regulatory roles and responsibilities at the national, state and territory level; interactions with other regulatory schemes and arrangements; any relevant domestic or international issues; any recent changes to the current framework, including reforms agreed by the Council of Australian Governments; and the government’s agenda to reduce red tape wherever possible. The process will also review the Intergovernmental Agreement (2013) underpinning the National Registration Scheme.

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    D. Advisory Body - Policy and Stakeholder Consultation

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    11 September 2019

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