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The Plant Health Committee (PHC) is a sub-committee of the National Biosecurity Committee. The principal objective of PHC is to improve plant biosecurity outcomes, manage plant biosecurity risks and facilitate domestic trade within Australia through national leadership, strategic direction and collaboration with stakeholders. PHC members contribute to the development of national plant health policy, capacity and capability by representing their governments on plant health issues within PHC's responsibilities. PHC membership comprises representatives from the: - The Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (Australian Chief Plant Protection Officer) - NSW Department of Primary Industries - Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (Victoria) - Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries (NT) - Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (Tasmania) - Department of Primary Industries and Regions (SA) - Department of Agriculture and Food (WA) - Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (Qld) - Territory and Municipal Services Directorate (ACT) PHC observers are: - Plant Health Australia - Chair of Subcommittee on Plant Health Diagnostics - Chair of Subcommittee on National Plant Health Surveillance - Chair of Subcommittee on Domestic Quarantine and Diagnostic Standards PHC is chaired on a rotational basis (currently the NSW Department of Primary Industries ).

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  • Type of Body

    G. Ministerial Councils and Related Bodies including those Established by the COAG

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    Committee, Council, Board, Forum

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    National Biosecurity Committee (NBC)

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    B. Secondary

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    30 June 1993

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