The Belcher Red Tape Review (August 2015) recommended that the Department of Finance develop a single digital source for publicly available information about Australian Government organisations and appointments.

Currently, there are several information sources about structures, organisations and key people, including, and the Australian Government Organisations Register. is the new website that brings these together into a single place, making it easier for people to find the information they need and easier for agencies to update their information.

The Department of Finance is responsible for the operation and development of the site. The content on the site is is maintained by updaters across the Australian Government, who are responsible for ensuring that their organisation’s information is current and accurate. If you have concerns about any of the information provided, please contact the relevant organisation.

What can I use this site for?

The new site includes a better range of information than the previous site. You can now find things like board appointments, authoritative listings of government organisations and key staff in agencies all in one place. Think of it as an online phone book for the Australian Government.

We need your input

Your ideas and feedback are encouraged and will be used to help us prioritise design fixes and new features. Each of the pages on this site contains a 'Quick feedback' section. Use this to tell us what you think and be part of the process to create a more-user friendly site.

Please note that we only monitor feedback during business hours. We'll try to respond directly to your feedback but we may not get to every email or comment. Be assured that your views will be considered either way.