About directory.gov.au

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the directory.gov.au is to provide a guide to the structure, organisations and key people in the Australian Government. Information on the site is grouped under the four key arms of government: the Commonwealth Parliament; the Governor-General; Courts and Judges; and Australian Government departments and agencies.

directory.gov.au encourages government transparency by ensuring the public has access to information about how the Government is structured and the interrelationships between its various components. The site encourages increased government accountability and engagement with the public by providing contact details for agencies and senior officials.

Responsibility for information on directory.gov.au

The information on the directory.gov.au is maintained by a network of updaters located within Australian Government organisations who are responsible for ensuring that the information for their organisation is current and accurate.

The Department of Finance is responsible for the ongoing operation and development of directory.gov.au and makes this information available in good faith with the expectation that it is appropriately maintained by the author organisations. The Department of Finance does not warrant that the information is accurate, comprehensive or up to date. You should make your own inquiries before relying on the information in any important matter.

Last Reviewed Date

The last reviewed date shows the most recent date that information was entered or changed. It is important to note, however, that some information on directory.gov.au does not require updating very often. Accordingly, if a review date is not recent it does not necessarily indicate that the information is out of date.

Staff Listings

The directory.gov.au is not a list of all Australian Government public servants; it lists only senior staff information entered by government agencies.


If your details are listed on the directory.gov.au and you would like them removed, please submit a request using the feedback form.

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