Bureau of Meteorology

700 Collins Street, Docklands, Vic 3008
Postal Address
GPO Box 1289, Melbourne Vic 3001
(03) 9669 4000
(03) 9669 4699

The Bureau of Meteorology is Australia's national weather, climate and water agency. It takes and records meteorological observations and other observations required for the purposes of meteorology and earth systems sciences; forecasts weather and the state of the atmosphere; issues warnings of gales, storms and other weather conditions likely to endanger life or property, including weather conditions likely to give rise to floods or bush fires; integrates and publishes Australia's water information; predicts space weather; supplies meteorological information; publishes meteorological reports and bulletins; promotes use of meteorological information; promotes advancement of meteorological science by means of meteorological research and investigation or otherwise; furnishes advice on meteorological matters; and cooperates with the authorities administering the meteorological services of any other country in relation to any of the above matters.


Weather, Land and Flood Warning Hotline

Information service

1300 659 218
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